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    I stumbled across this message board, and just wanted to say that this happened to me 8 years ago. I was having my tubes tied when suddenly I could hear, and feel everything, but could not move, speak, or open my eyes. It was the most horrifying thing that has ever happened to me! As they were rolling me out of the operating room, I sat up and started to cry and tell everyone what had happened. They scrambled to get me morphine to calm me down, only it did not work. I was histerical and could not stop shaking. The nurses kept on telling me that it was imposible, but when I started telling them what was going on in the room (my blood pressure was raising and the machine started beeping, the 2nd doctor that was leaving at the time came back in, stuff that the nurses were saying) the two nurses looked at each other and said "Oh my god, she is telling the truth". My doctor was a real jerk about it and did not come and see me until the next night although I laid in my bed and cried from the time it happened. My family, inlaws and even my husband did not believe what happened to me, but it DID happen and I pray daily that I will never need another operation as long as I live for the fear of this happen to me again is over whelming. Thanks