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    What are the best places to visit in the Highlands and Edinburgh?

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    Excellent advice, I have email the nursing boards of the states I want to practice in. One has already responded back to me! Yay! I will take those requirements to Glasgow. I also know I can take the NCLEX while I am overseas. Thanks traumaRUs for the document, if only the evaluation was not so expensive. I will also take that with my to Glasgow.

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    Thank you for the reply. I'm really glad this website exists. What obstacles are you having Scott are you experiencing so far in trying to get licensed through Missouri? This information doesn't deter me from wanting to study in Scotland, but I would like to know what I will be getting myself into. Ideally I would like to practice both in the US and UK, I want to be able to travel.

    What about the education in the UK. I have been told its harder because their is not a grading curve like there is in the US. Forgive me for a possible my ignorance, how does practacle nursing study differ from theory based study?

    As for questions about Scotland, I will have many in the coming months. Fall semester does not start until September I believe.

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    I am an American that will be study in Glasgow Scotland for my bachelors in nursing at the University of Glasgow. I start this fall, considering that I do not have a degree yet and I do not have $400 for this fee can anyone tell me if my degree from Glasgow might transfer or be accepted. Has anyone received a bachelors from Glasgow and transferred to the US? I would like to know before I make the trip.

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    Really!? That is one topic I will have to investigate. I figured because I am already a US citizen (from IL) I would be able to take the NCLEX no problem and practice. I am interested to see what other people have to say. Thank you for the reply.

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    I recently received acceptance to the University of Glasgow's bachelors program in nursing. I am very excited to study in another country and possibly practice in the UK after I graduate.
    Does anyone have any advice for someone from the US who will live and study in Scotland? What are some of the major differences in education and practice between nursing in the US and the UK?

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    I received my unconditional acceptance letter to the University of Glasgow.
    Has anyone studied at Glasgow, any advice for this soon to be international student.

    A little about me; I am a non traditional student, 31 years old, an American born and raised. I obviously want to become a nurse. I also want to travel, or practice in another country for a while. I have heard how hard it is for foreign nurses who are not natives to the United Kingdom to be able to transition and practice overseas. I figured earning a bachelor's degree in nursing from the UK is the first step to practicing there.

    I am also self funded. I have been awarded a few small scholarships but I will probably need a student loan to pay for the full three or four years of full time study. Which is fine considering the cost for full time study is less than the US. I have read the credit system in the UK is different than the US. Advice or thoughts on this subject are welcome too.

    For UK trained nurses who now practice in the US, how easy/hard was it to take the NCLEX and obtain a license to practice in the US? I am already an American citizen so I do not need to worry about a visa to the US, only a visa after graduation in the UK.

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    I am applying to University of Arlington and Texas Tech University Health and Science Center because both offer an online version of their BSN programs. I have a BA in art already. I also work full time, will be paying my own tuition, and live in Austin.
    Can any current or past students reply with their thoughts about either program. I have heard too many horror stories about different nursing programs, I want to make the best choice.

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    I am applying to USF's second degree sequence, among others. On paper/web their program looks stellar. I have also been reading online how competitive their admission process is. All of which looks great.

    What I want to know, from current students, is how good is the quality of the faculty.

    My situation is this, right now I am in a horrible nursing program in the mid-west (whose name I will not mention) and looking to relocate. There are many reasons I think so poorly of my current BSN program.
    For one repeated cheaters are allow to stay, with little consequence to them. We have two students who failed their urinalysis test (more than one test) and are still in the program. We have had two students who were kicked out of the program entirely last year that are back in the program.

    The biggest reason I am moving on from this program, even if it means starting over, is the attitude of the faculty. Recently we had an instructor/NP resign from teaching at our school. Her reason for resigning was she could not tolerate the personal mission/attitude of our dean and faculty. The last faculty meeting she went to was a discussion on how the faculty could make students fail or find reasons to kick them out of the program.
    As outrageous as this may sound, I believe this to be true. This semester there were more than a few instructors that were having contest to see who could be the biggest bully.
    Needless to say I am not willing to learn in an environment like this. As far as I am concerned it is an educators job to help their student succeed and learn as much as they can. Not see how many ways they can make them fail.

    For me Florida/USF would be a huge change, but one I am gladly willing to make for the right reasons.

    Back to my original question,

    What is the faculty like at USF?
    What is the overall program like?
    For the people who answer this question, have you had any problems like the ones I described above in either of USF's BSN programs?

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    I am in the same situation. I was put in contact with a nursing advisor at the college I want to attend. He said there are always a few spots reserves for sta-21 and MECP candidates. So I would not be competing with all of the other applicants for admissio. The nursing advisor also said he could write tentative early acceptance letters to the BSN program that could be submitted with the sta-21 package. Call you nursing admissions office and ask to speak to someone about Sta-21. If there is an NROTC program there should be a nursing rep you can help you.

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    When did you submit your package and how long before you got accepted?

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    What was your weekly routine like at ODS? Is ODS like bootcamp? Or is it more relaxed? I've heard you get weekends off and can have more personal items, thing like that. Other than the standard running, push up, and sit ups is there any other physical stuff you do in ODS?

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    I am go glad I found this website. All of your comments are really helping me make an informed choice about my career.

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    I've been reading the threads other people have posted about the NCP program. None of them mention the requirements as it concerns prior service or drilling reservist. I have questions. I am a drilling reservist with 4 years active duty. When I apply to the NCP program do I have to go up to MEPS or can they use my current record and history for all of that information? Obviously I get physicals, drug tests, and weigh in regularly. Do I have a choice in the officer training school I go to, or is the six weeks manditory. One bootcamp was enough. I know some schools are longer than others. Some give weekend liberty, supposedly.What is the six weeks of OIS like? As I said above, another bootcamp like experience does not thrill me.