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American Study at the University of Glasgow


I received my unconditional acceptance letter to the University of Glasgow.

Has anyone studied at Glasgow, any advice for this soon to be international student.

A little about me; I am a non traditional student, 31 years old, an American born and raised. I obviously want to become a nurse. I also want to travel, or practice in another country for a while. I have heard how hard it is for foreign nurses who are not natives to the United Kingdom to be able to transition and practice overseas. I figured earning a bachelor's degree in nursing from the UK is the first step to practicing there.

I am also self funded. I have been awarded a few small scholarships but I will probably need a student loan to pay for the full three or four years of full time study. Which is fine considering the cost for full time study is less than the US. I have read the credit system in the UK is different than the US. Advice or thoughts on this subject are welcome too.

For UK trained nurses who now practice in the US, how easy/hard was it to take the NCLEX and obtain a license to practice in the US? I am already an American citizen so I do not need to worry about a visa to the US, only a visa after graduation in the UK.