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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    It also angers me that, at least at my facility, if a patient files a complaint -- it is presumed that they are correct and that the nurse must have behaved inappropriately -- and the nurse will receive a written reprimand from HR. This makes me very angry and distrustful.^^^^^^^^
    ^^ Yes ^^But only because the nursing profession chooses not to demand it. How many nurses on this board are anti-union? Quite a percentage from what I've observed over my 7 years visiting here. How many identify as 'conservative' and staunchly back Republican, Libertarian, or Tea Party candidates? Perhaps a minority but not a small one. In the present "corporations are people and money is speech" environment, as the power and influence of unions is steadily eroded via legislative and judicial means, the lot of nurses should be expected to worsen, not improve.

    Coupled with the deliberate overproduction and saturation of nurses in the market, it's a pretty discouraging landscape. Simple supply-side economics will drive down the working conditions and compensation of nurses.

    Oooh, hold on now. I come from somewhere that is pretty darn left-leaning. Unions are everywhere. If you work for a hospital, it is MANDATORY to be part of the union and pay their dues. Nurse to patient ratio? 8-9:1 med-surg nights. I've also worked post-op ortho where it was 12:1 night shift. Unions did NOTHING to help that, they just used the dues to go have nice dinners and have 'conferences' in nice hotels on nurse's backs.

    I'm not saying that corporations running healthcare is great. I'm just saying that government and unions being in control is DEFINITELY not better or the right answer.

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    Ok, I'll bite. What keeps me up at night is feeling like what I do is completely useless. I entered nursing to make a difference, and there are so many patients, or so many shifts, that make you feel you just spent 12 hours just running in place. You try to teach until you are blue in the face, only to have patients keep making horrible choices. You bust your butt getting someone better, so they can go back home, and they come right back in with the same issues over and over again because they don't care half as much about their health as you do.

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    Quote from psu_213
    Talk about a discolored tongue....but I shouldn't derail this super important thread!

    If it's red, it should be strawberry.

    I just...I can't....palpitations...

    There is NO, I repeat NO other red than cherry. All other red flavors should be shot. Or mowed down. Or whatever.

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    Quote from ohioSICUrn
    Hi there... yes you! the one who completely MISSED the point!

    There is a difference between having tatoo's/being an atheist and all those lovely examples you gave, and someone talking about a whole RACE saying they should be mowed down.... it stops being about where you work and freedom of speech and it boils down to someone being truly a terrible person!
    Well........from what I read, it doesn't seem she was talking about a whole race of people getting mowed down, but those who were rioting and being violent in the streets. Or at least that's what I gathered. So, again, the way I read it would imply she thinks everyone who is rioting ought to be shot, regardless of color. It just happens that most of those rioting are AA, due to racial tensions in that area.

    That being said, I agree with other posters. If you post something inflammatory and controversial online while being easy to identify, don't be surprised if you lose your job. Or worst.

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    It's been said, but as a nurse, if people never complain about you, I think you're not doing it right. People will always complain if they don't get what they want. And let's face it, if everyone always made the best choices for their health, well, many of us would not have jobs. So you're going to say things people won't like, and they will complain. And honestly, I'm completely fine with that!

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    Is it weird that this makes me jealous? Lol... I've been thinking lately that I should start applying for ED positions, I often work so darn hard as it is, I can't help but feel I might as well have the glory and excitement of ED to go with it.

    OP, I'm sure it will get easier when you get used to it. Just try to chart as you go, like others said, making sure to CYA is really important.

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    "You should probably stick to stripping and quit nursing. After all, shifts go much smoother when only men are working. Less drama and complaining. Women should stay where they belong, stripping and home making sandwiches."

    LMBO! Ok, I know everyone keeps saying this, but I think you win for today. First post to make me snort, glad I wasn't trying to drink anything. Been on AN long enough to know better!

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    Quote from NurseQT
    I'm an LPN, but yes they pay LPN wages but have them work as CNAs. I have yet to see them mandate one of the RNs, except they attempted to have the day supervisor work as a CNA over a weekend. She absolutely refused to do it. Other than that it's only been the LPNs that they ask and have mandated.
    Eh, if paid the wages for your degree of education, it's more a question of 'do I want to work overtime' rather than 'would you work as a CNA?'. Everything they do in a shift, I do as well. If you aren't too tired and want/need the extra cash, go for it.

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    OMG you guys, nurses are supposed to be compassionate, never ever judgmental, paragons of virtue who want nothing more than to help others! How dare you make fun of people trying to get advice from you?! You all are horrible people, I'm sure you're all horrible nurses too! You should all just get another job or retire!

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    Quote from marvelmom
    Last night he tried to grab my crotch and yes I feel "that violated". He is completely cognitive and knows what he's doing. He only does it with me and told a fellow staff member he doesn't like me because "that ******* ***** won't let me touch her tits". I am not only the charge nurse, I am the only nurse. There aren't male staff members and everyone goes in that room in twos. I flat out do not feel comfortable around him and I have every right to feel that way.

    I'm going to complain to the boss again and try to figure something out. I don't get paid enough to be subjected to this behavior.

    I've tried everything you all have mentioned and am still hoping someone has an idea I haven't thought of.
    Just to be clear, i liked your post for the fact that you are defending being uncomfortable with this behavior, and rightfully so. How is this any different than someone on the bus trying to do anything like that? Would a doctor tolerate that? Would anyone tolerate that?! I'm with others, involve police. Threats are useless if you don't act on it.

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    Quote from RNdynamic
    OCN; you don't know what you are talking about. I myself am an ADN who got their BSN while working. However, I can still express my perception of things. That being, that most bad preceptors are ADN nurses and they don't have the necessary professional background required for successful precepting. That is my opinion, for better or worse.
    What is it in your BSN classes that make you better as a preceptor? I've looked over several different programs and the classes to take, and don't remember ever seeing anything related to precepting. Ever.
    Oh, and this ADN has received nothing but glowing reviews from those she has precepted.

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    Quote from dream'n
    I'm curious, how will the used linen be handled? How will lab specimens be transported and tests run? What special precautions will be taken for trash disposal? The patient may be in a protected, negative pressure room, but other hospital departments will be effected. Surely the patient will have radiology tests run, how will that be handled?
    Not sure what I would do if I was assigned as the nurse, but I'd really have to think about it. Glad I'm not in that position. I can say though, I'm a nurse, not a martyr.
    THIS!!! Seriously, I must have missed the part of my nursing school application or licensing paperwork where I agreed to be a martyr for humanity.
    No one else watches out for us... Our employers? Um, riiiiiight... As someone else mentioned, it's not the BONs either. If I contract a deadly virus, will the hospital or BON care for my child? Will they provide her the guidance she needs from her mother? Of course not! We make so many sacrifices for this profession, like sleep, family lives, holidays, back injuries, you name it. But say that you would refuse to care for someone with a virus with 60-90% mortality rates, that we have no cure for, that we really don't even fully understand transmission about, and that's something we should have our licence yanked for?

    Ugh... Sorry for the rant, but that holier than thou self-righteousness really upsets me.

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    Oh wow. I'm thinking popcorn is going to be needed for this one

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    I definitely think there is a place for 'herbal nonsense', aka natural medicine. While I may not tell people to stop taking their meds and switch to herbal, I see nothing wrong with telling them to discuss with their doctor taking things like cinnamon capsules (anti-inflammatory properties), or melatonin instead of Ambien, etc. Granted, Melatonin is not herbal, but you get what I mean. Or what about your patients with UTI? Of course, you don't tell them to quit their antibiotics, but have you ever suggested they add cranberries or cranberry capsules to their daily regimen?
    Nothing wrong with adding or replacing harsh chemical medications with natural products, WITH the collaboration of your physician, and careful monitoring.

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    EVERY OB nurse with any experience, has a tragic story of the patient who either:

    Is in total denial about being pregnant right up til they go into labor
    Is in total denial about NOT being pregnant, presenting with an abdomen of the correct girth and shape to BE pregnant, even though slim everywhere else, but surely is *not* pregnant.

    BOTH made me sad in my career, particularly the 13 year old who had "never had sex" ( I bet she was raped) who came in 38 weeks' pregnant in full-blown labor, and despite hearing the U/S heartbeat, swore up and down it was impossible, because she never, ever had sex.

    OB was not all candy canes and pink ribbons, that was for sure.
    I once had a pt who was pregnant with twins. She went into labor at 25 weeks, and had to be rushed to emergency c-section. Unfortunately, despite my colleagues' hard work, one baby died in the OR and the other in ambulance on the way to the children's hospital.
    It was such a sad case to work with. Mom's level of grief was such that she convinced herself she had been pregnant with triplets, not twins, because she could still feel movement in her abdomen. We kept explaining that this was normal, but she refused to accept it. On her last day, she started insisting that we do an ultrasound to check. I don't know if they did during day shift before her discharge.
    And while sure, there's always somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who had this happen to them, I strongly doubt it was the case with this could. They were a tad bit off to begin with..