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    am planning to buy one. just started on my first RN job.
    but i want one that's also a phone.
    any suggestions?

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    thanks cyberkat! that's good to know. just curious bec my friend in the ED told me that my resume would look good if i completed PALS & BLS trainings.
    so, for a new graduate, those certs are not expected from me?!

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    Hi everyone! I just graduated June 2nd and mailed my licensure application today. Im supposed to be studying 4 days /week for the NCLEX but am not! I know, Im bad. I need to discipline myself more.

    My concern aside from NCLEX are the certifications. My BCLS is about to expire at the end of the month and Im wondering what training you guys are planning to take. I heard it's alos good to take ALS & PALS.

    To those who have taken the courses - where did you take your certs/re-cert and how much did you pay for them. You know a good company in NY which offers a good deal? Maybe a discount if you take two or more classes from them?

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    What I like about our lab:
    there are morning and evening hours; it is also open saturdays ;and during school breaks, the lab remains open for skills practice and for watching videos --> esp helpful to incoming freshmen who are not used to seeing 'bloody' or 'invasive' procedures; it could help them prepare themselves esp those who easily get nauseous
    the laboratory is kept clean (I don't like one comment made in this thread where food is allowed in their lab)
    lab hours are posted a week in advance so that we can schedule our day of practice
    most lab technicians are helpful (however, there is always an exception!!!)
    there is another lab that was set-up which is really awesome - complete with adult and pediatric simulators and EKG machines (but please see comment # 1 below)
    professors teach a particular skill in the lecture; but when we practice said skill in the lab, the technicians tell us we're doing it wrong!!! Students get confused! (old school VS new school!!??)

    What I do not like about our lab:
    we do have simulators (which cost millions according to our prof) but so far, we were able to use it only twice (I've been in my school for 4 semesters now) - I just hope the next students will have access to the new facilities on a regular basis