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Hi everyone! I just graduated June 2nd and mailed my licensure application today. Im supposed to be studying 4 days /week for the NCLEX but am not! I know, Im bad. I need to discipline myself more.

My concern aside from NCLEX are the certifications. My BCLS is about to expire at the end of the month and Im wondering what training you guys are planning to take. I heard it's alos good to take ALS & PALS.

To those who have taken the courses - where did you take your certs/re-cert and how much did you pay for them. You know a good company in NY which offers a good deal? Maybe a discount if you take two or more classes from them?


Katnip, RN

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I wouldn't take ACLS or PALS. Those are only required in critical care areas and depending on where you go you only may need one or the other, and they're expensive.

Once you're hired, most hospitals will pay for the ones you're required to have anyway. Don't waste your money.

Now, go study for your NCLEX. :)


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thanks cyberkat! that's good to know. just curious bec my friend in the ED told me that my resume would look good if i completed PALS & BLS trainings.

so, for a new graduate, those certs are not expected from me?!

suzanne4, RN

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As a new grad, those certifications are not a requirement. As stated above, they will give you whatever training that you will need and they will pay for it once you are employed.

I would spend more time on preparing for NCLEX right now, rather than worrying about any of the thos other certifications.

I wouldn't take ACLS or PALS. Those are only required in critical care areas

ACLS and PALS are very helpful no matter whether you are working in critical care or on the general floors. Most hospitals will offer these classes in house or will pay for you to go somewhere to get them. They are hard classes. Get NCLEX out of the way and find a job you really love before worrying about getting ACLS and PALS.

HappyNurse2005, RN

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I am required to have ACLS and my hospital is providing hte class and paying for it.

Heck yeah, make the hospital pay for it. Lord knows we've paid enough just getting through nursing school. Forget dipping into YOUR wallet anymore...And I am a slacker too, should be studying for the NCLEX but it's tomorrow so I really am not required anymore...HAHAHAHA. Good luck!

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