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    What is the hiring process like?

    Do you enjoy what you do?

    And is it a good idea to accept a job as a PCT while taking classes...

    I'm interested in Pontiac's clinic

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    I'm more interested in what occurs after the interview...


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    Quote from nurse2be2007
    Ok I am going to chime in here and clarify a few things about WCCCD. First off, NLN accreditation is voluntary. Not ALL reputable cc's around here are accredited by the NLN. The only thing that NLN accreditation gets you is a job at the V.A. hospital or military. IF you are not interested in doing either then it doesnt matter about the accreditation. WCCCD's nursing program is accredited by the Michigan board of nursing and that is all that is needed to sit for your NCLEX test. The NCLEX test is a nationwide test which means that if you pass boards in michigan then you should have no problem reciprocating that license in another state. I know of two Universities that will give you up to 36 credits for your RN license alone and if you check out the transfer guides for a BSN most Uni's dont give transfer credit for ASN nursing core classes regardless of the cc.

    Rumor has it that WCCCD lost their accreditation with the NLN because they had too many students fail the NCLEX and it has been said that the reason was the math portion. Since then they have completely modified their curriculum and have added a Medical Math class to the general ed requirements that is specific for nursing. This way everyone will have the same foundation for math and as they go through their nursing clinicals they will have a better understanding of dosages and I.Vs. They have to have so many graduating classes sit for and pass the NCLEX with an improved pass average before they can request reinstatement of their accreditation. I personally believe this is what their goal is even if they wont admit to it.

    I have attended two of the nursing information meetings and found them to be very informative. I am currently taking three classes at three different campuses one being the Northwest campus, with is located at Greenfield and Joy rd, NOT TIREMAN. It appears to be a rough neighborhood but everyone is so kind there. In fact I have found more positive attitudes at the NW campus than I have found at any other campus. Urbanites are way more down to earth and not so uptight like you find at the suburban campuses. I actually like the NW campus and I am a Suburban born and raised LOL.

    I am applying to the program in a few weeks and I am so excited. I will graduate in 2007 a proud WCCCD Nursing grad. I love the diversity there and am very thankful to be going to WCCCD.

    I'm very happy for you, but I think I'm going to attend OU.

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    Quote from AnnaN5
    Oakland University is not more expensive if you live outside of Oakland County, it is only more expensive if you are not a resident of Michigan. Oakland Community College charges more if you live outside of Oakland County.

    The tuition/fes for Oakland University for 12 credits a semester is $4539 for freshmen/sophomores and $4965 for juniors/seniors. Of course that is if you are a resident of Michigan and doesn't include books, etc. That is pretty comparable to other 4 year universities in Michigan. I attended MSU and that cost me around $8000 a year in tuition and fees.

    I have heard good things about their nursing program and I have been told that they are a very recognizable program.
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    Thanks for responding so quicky and clarifying that OU is not more expensive if you live outside of Oakland County. I am reallying forward to attending OU now. I'm discovering that all nursing programs are NOT the same. I assumed, (I know ass-u-me) that all nursing programs were accredited. NOT!

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    Quote from Sirena922
    Is there anyone that went to Oakland University for nursing and if so, what was it like, and is it reasonable??
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    I have plans to attend OU as well. I would really like some insight on the school, besides the fact that it is very expensive if you live outside of Oakland County.

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    Quote from foxfire65
    You should weigh all of your options. If you call and ask someone in the nursing department they will tell you that it doesn't mean anything, unless your going into the Military. I find it strange that all of the other nursing schools are accredited and Wayne Co. is not. Also you will have to travel to Greenfield Road and Tireman down in Detroit for some of your training to the Northwest campus, that is one area I would rather avoid myself. Rough and dangerous neighborhood. I have already applied to other schools and have been accepted in the school itself. There are a few more pre nursing courses I have to take to get in any other nursing program. Some of those classes Wayne Co., doesn't even offer. Such as the Lifespan and the Chemistry classes needed at other schools. So I am going to finish up what I can at Wayne Co. and then transfer out. Good luck to you.
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    I took a trip to WCCD today with my mother because I had plans to attend the information meeting. After my mother viewed the area, she told me to apply at Oakland University (OU) instead. The program may be wonderful, but the area really sucks and they are not accredited! Now, I have to take a few additional classes at OU, but OU are actively seeking minority students, so maybe I will luck out.

    P.S. WCCD is far from me, but I really wanted to attend a diverse college.

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    Quote from happydz
    Recently I called my college bookstore to get an idea of how much my books will cost. They gave me the titles of the books but would not give me the ISBN. Also, when I went in to get my psych book they told me it wasn't in yet and it could take up to the first day of class to get it. When I asked for the ISBN, they wouldn't give it to me.

    Just how crazy is that? I was just wondering if this is the norm or do all colleges do this?

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    My college is doing the same exact thing, except they will not give you the title of book either. When I went to the bookstore, I had to tell a lie and say I wanted to make sure I had the right books so I could look at the titles and memorized them. I was escorted to the books and the salesgirl held the books up. They are trying to prevent students from purchasing their textbooks from outside sources.

    I memorized the face cover of my required books and purchased them used from Amazon. Can you believe they wanted over $100 for my Anthropology book?!!! I purchased it used for $48 at Amazon.

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    I never have, but there are those really cute material ones now days. LOL
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    Same here. I never cover my books....

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    As for transferability, you will need to talk to an advisor of that school. It should be ok, as long as you went into depth in Anatomy and Physiology.

    For my school, A&P I covered:
    **Introduction/directional terms & the chemistry chapter. (Although we actually skipeed the chem).
    **Histology & Integumentary system
    **Musclular tissue & Nervous tissue
    **Muscular system & Skeletal system,
    **Nervous system (CNS & PNS) & Special Senses

    A&P II covered:
    **Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System & Blood
    **Urinary system & Digestive system
    **Endocrine system, Ageing & Death

    With each system we also covered litte chapters such as Electrolyte and fluid balance, Nutrition, etc. We covered the anatomy and physiology at the same time in lecture, as well as lab.

    2 lecture days / 2 lab times per week for A&P 1
    A&P 2....during summer...lecture was on video tape, lab was 4 X week.
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    Thanks for replying so quickly. We covered everything that you listed here. My A&P was hell and I do not desire to take any part of the class again! However, I think Pathogenic Microbiology was harder!!

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    When I took the course it was combined together and worth six credits.
    The first half of the class was lecture and the second half lab. I'm wondering now if the college I plan on transferring to next semester will require that I take AP II....

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    Quote from abatts21
    hello i already took the Net and I have to say please focus on the reading comprehension the math was easy! I have the hobbet book i studied for 2 weeks straight and I failed horribly so i am now just getting books on how to take tests so good luck!
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    Quote from Fun2Care
    The NET doesn't have science, I know the HESI does. Are you having to take more than the NET?

    Good luck!
    No. Only the NET. Kaplan seems to cover everything, but I'm only studying the required subjects that is covered on the NET....

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    I don't remember anyone saying they could use one. However, the NET isn't extremely hard. Just practice your basic math, algebra, ratios, etc.

    If you don't know your multiplication facts, you may have a problem.

    I suggest getting the NET Study Guide. I bought mine on Ebay, but is the one that sells it.

    I think the reading portion is harder than the math. It's not "What's wrong with this sentence?"-type questions.....
    Good luck!
    I recently purchased Kaplan's Nursing School Entrance exam study guide and Amazon tossed in CliffsTestPrep as a bonus packaged. I took the pre-test which covers reading comprehension, math, science, etc and did pretty well on it. Kaplan comes with a pre-test (So you know upfront what you need to improve on) and two practice exams.

    I asked about the calulator because I have a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator and was thinking, whoa if I could use this on the test (LOL)......but that's wishful thinking. )

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    Quote from Love4Me
    I took the NET test at Henry Ford Community College back in 2003. It really isn't that bad. I also ordered a NET testing study guide and I would highly suggest you do the same. The math was basic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and some basic algebra - order of operations).
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    Thanks for the feedback Love4Me

    I purchased Kaplan's NET study guide (Amazon tossed in Cliffs NET study guide for a few bucks more) and it covers reading comprehension, vocab & spelling, mathematics and science (biology, chemistry and physics). Although I hear science is not on the exam.

    Double thanks for sharing that the algebra consists of PEMDAS! Now, I don't have to study the harder algebra...

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    Quote from LKG6
    I couldn't.


    Urgggggggggggggg thought so....