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    I have been a nurse for 2 yrs only in a medsurge unit but once in a while I would contemplate on switching to adifferent job outside of nursing. However, I couldn't find any job I could land my feet on that matches my salary as an RN. I work in a county hospital where nurse work hard basically.
    It seems to me that now a days people are just getting sicker and sicker and are more drug seekers. There are moments when I have patients that are literally telling me how much narcotics they want for pain and how often they want it, and if they don't get it they scream and yell at your face. For this reason I feel like switching to another job, something that does not deal with sick people .I do feel unsatisfied with my job when I see patients returning to the hospital over and over again for the same reason and are not getting well but getting sicker due to being non compliant.
    Am I the only one feeling this way?

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    Would it be 960mg? ??
    In 5ml theres 320mg
    The order is 15ml


    Pls Correct me if im wrong.anybody?

    I also need to master this calculations

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    You are fortunate enough that you have class session .I dont have im just running in the floor around all tense and scared and freak out. I guess eventually you will be able to catch up just hang in there.
    I am thinking of quitting my job after a month but i do have bills and school loans to pay.

    I believe you can do it jut hang in there. i dont have much advise to tell you since im in the same boat as you.

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    Heyyyy im in the same boat exactly as what you are feeling now !!! Oh my gush you know i just started my first job its been 6 months since i graduated. Its been past 2 weeks now im in training handled 3 pts on my own already but it seems to me that i couldnt think critically as well everytime i ask questions i get a look like---didnt you learn that in school? Eveytime i come home i would cry after a 12 hr shift in the floor.

    My preceptor is not really explaining things to me:/ sometimes this person does but at times would just disappear or play games when done with charting

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    Hey everyone i have been reading all the post here and I found it very helpful. I got a job at LTACh and im about to begin my orientation 2 weeks from now. I feel like unprepared of what to expect working on the floor:/ this is my first job by the way.Can anybody give me tips? Im kinda nervous but excited on the other hand. Does anybody feel the same way i felt? Oh gush. :/
    Im glad someone have put up some medsurge sheets at least i could get an idea.
    Im glad that this site is available for tips and support for folks like me.

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    Hi i graduated from PR too with my nursing degree ASN and i took my nclex in another state which i didnt have any problems . I have heard that not all states recognized PR nursing school as part of the states.PM me if you like to know more about other states that you can take your nclex

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    All the best Devin. I got a job offer from LTC and will start my orientation on sept soon. Good luck to your new job

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    Tnx lindseyrn86. some give 10shifts only. Being a new grad I pray i could pick it up quick but i feel its too short for new grad however it they will give more time like you said to let them know if more time is needed.

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    Congrats!!! While im reading this i felt like watching a suspense movie lol Thanks for sharing your experience im hoping to start a job in an ltc facility soon. How have you been with a preceptor? Any advise you can share with me?

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    Has anybody here have worked in LTC facility ? How long do they give you training?

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    Definitely the results can tell you

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    Quote from nurse671
    I got the good pop up too.. This is gonna be the longest 2-3days wait..
    Yay you made it!!!! Congrats

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    Csj50 how was your interview? I feel you cause iv been passing out alot of applications but still waiting.

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    Stlchik thats what i have heard September will be the next openings for nursing residency/GN jobs. Thanks for the encouragement. All the best for us job seekers and we'll just keep our faith strong.

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    Unesdala, your not alone I am on the same boat like you and i think that will be a good idea to just use up time volunteering on some hospitals