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    Did most everyone apply to the traditional RN program? I'm applying for the LPN to RN bridge...hoping to find some others. Regardless to which program you applied.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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    Good luck to all those that applied! Is anyone applying for the LPN to RN bridge program? Trying to determine if people have insight to previous years point cut off.

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    Congrats to all those that were accepted! Very exciting! Is anyone applying for the LPN to RN bridge? I'm trying to determine if people are familiar with what some of the scores generally are?

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    Congrats to all that were accepted!!! I applied for the LPN to RN bridge and haven't received my status letter yet. I've contacted the program advisor, but I was wondering if your Connections page was different in any way? I was hoping I could be a little sneaky to determine my status that way. When you log onto Connections, is there anything different or any options available to you now that were not, prior to you learning of your acceptance?

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    Quote from abpeeler
    I thought the TABE was okay and I did very well on it. It's very similar to the TEAS. I took it over a year ago. And I think it's free to take? Now the PSB-NAT for RN, I did not so well on. It wasn't the questions, it was the time limit. All the questions I answered...I got right. Lol. I just kinda froze while taking that test. I was cool beans with the TABE? grr. I'm taking the PSB-NAT again in late march and I'm going to show that turd who's the boss! Haha ;0)
    Are you currently an LPN? I couldn't tell if that is why you took the TABE. If so, are you also applying to the bridge or just the RN program?

    Best of luck either way!

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    I got a 90 on the HESI, but my GPA points totaled 90.

    Does your friend remember what the cut off was when they applied? Any interesting tid bits your friend has shared regarding the program?

    I'm moving to jax beach, but I have to wait to find out about school before I look for a job. Can you recommend places I should look? I currently work in a pediatric office, but I'm hoping to find a hospital position. If that doesn't pan out then I'm going to look into home health.

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    Quote from kknight1
    Hey dizzymoose, I applied for the bridge program on jan 4th. I feel ya that there is no one to relate to about applying for the bridge. Im just staying positive and praying that I get in.
    Best of luck to you!!! I will be thrilled if I make it in this summer. I did well on the HESI, but my points from my prereq classes were not all that great. How I understand it is there are 24 spaces and 50 to 65 will apply. I live out of county and I think locals are considered first, so I've got that going against me. But, application is in and it's out of my hands.

    When you hear the news, be sure to share!

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    Your concern being for the pt and not yourself is doing all you can do. You could have used feeling frazzled and in a hurry as an excuse, but you simply recognized those things aided in the mistake happening. Ownership without excuses is a great quality to possess. It's an awful feeling, but recognizing how it happened and taking responsibility will hopefully lead to less mistakes in the future.

    We've all made a medical error. It doesn't make what you're going through any easier. I think once you have the news your pt is going to be ok, you'll start to feel a little better. If you weren't sick over it there would be something wrong with your character. Regardless if the pt is made aware, you will have to move forward and not let this shake you.

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    Quote from kenyanGirl
    Thank you dizzymoose. How many intakes do they have and when is best to send my application?
    I think your best bet is to contact the school. In saying I got the info from the school website was my attempt to show you only have to do a little research to find the info you're looking for. This site is amazing for finding info, but for the questions your posing, the source is a great place to go to as well. I think scheduling an appt with an advisor might be your best option. Best of luck!

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    Quote from xmyxshell
    I'm in fourth term right now and throughout the program we've registered for classes using the lottery system. Everyone in your term (excluding nights/weekends I think) lines up outside the auditorium on the scheduled registration date and once the doors open you draw a number out of a hat. Once everyone has picked a number and taken a seat, they'll start calling up people to sign up for classes using the numbers. So, if you've drawn #1 you get to be the first person to enroll in whatever section that you want. Only 12 students can sign up per section. A lot of times students don't get the schedule that they want because they drew a high number and the section they wanted had already filled up by the time it was their turn. At that point you're pretty much stuck with whatever section that nobody wanted/hadn't filled up yet.
    Do the students in the bridge program eventually integrate with the students that did the traditional RN route? I"m applying for the LPN to RN bridge and I haven't had as much luck finding fellow hopefuls to bounce questions off of. If you happen to know any insight into the bridge program, any, and can share it would be much appreciated!

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    Are you applying for the program? I saw you posted a similar topic for a previous year, so I wasn't sure if you just posted for potential students. If you're not applying, do you know anyone applying? The site is hopping for the RN and LPN programs, but crickets for the bridge program.

    If you were familiar with what previous point cut offs were or how the program is in general? Any info would be much appreciated.


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    This is from TCC's website. This is what is currently required, but make sure to check their site or meet with an advisor for any future updates or changes.

    Prerequisite Courses (23 credit hours)

    Mathematics: Select one of the following:

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    Quote from ShaminaPeterson
    Hey could u give me some tips about the teas test I only have one week to study but need something intense for me grasp the info im studying now like do u know any free practice I could take
    This offers various practice tests. If you do a search on google for Teas practice exams, you should find some others.

    TEAS® Exam Practice Questions - Help your Test of Essential Academic Skills™ Score with free unofficial Preparation Materials for the TEAS® Test

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    Quote from Popcorngirl

    I do not think that you need to know a good amount of any of the body systems in order to do well on the A&P section. Like I said, you really just need to know big picture kind of stuff. But I would really focus on the circulatory, endocrine, and nervous systems the most. I also suggest knowing what each part of the brains' functions are.

    Do you have a study guide? The one I stated above was great. I think I actually had 2 questions straight from it. The questions in the study guide are broad questions as well.
    Thanks for the reply!

    I have the HESI A2 Secrets study guide by Mometrix. It has some ok info on A&P, but I reviewed some chapters in my textbooks and have done A LOT of the quizlets. I'm going to focus a little more on the above systems and refresh my memory of the brain functions. Thanks again!