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    I am a LVN working in CA
    work M-F no weekends no holidays 6am -2pm
    avg take home 1100 weekly
    overtime if I want
    I make $60,000+ annually
    will finish my RN this year and will have same schedule base pay will be $84,000 yearly with no overtime
    with great retirement, medical, uniform reimbursement, etc.

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    HELLO MY I too am in need of motivation,
    My name is Donna my where are you located central Ca here

    Quote from suziwin
    Hello everyone! I came across this website while I was surfing the web for some other nursing information. I immediately became glued and read dozens of the threads. Two hours later I decided I'd better log on and join. I was so excited to run across this!! I am a 20-year LVN in CA who is studying for her ASN in nursing via Excelsior college. I have been working through my courses for the past 2-1/2 years and am near completion (presently on NC 5). It has been a long and lonely journey, I've had no peer-support whatsoever so this is a very warm and welcome site for me. I look forward to my time spent here.