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  • Oct 26 '12

    Hello guys I had the 75 questions it took 1,5 hour for my test, I had 28 SATA, 2 ECG Streep and a lot of infection control questions, no math. Exam was hard but if you know the content you can Do it. This was my third attempt .Before I used Kaplan, Saunders 5-th edition, Mary Ann Hogan Q-ns cd, NCSBN and Exam Cram book. For this attempt I use only Saunders, Lippencott Q&A and LaCharity delegation, Assignment, prioritization Book! study guid from theis site, God bless the person who put the study guid for us! I pray a lot and I know that Jesus help me pass my exam))) God bless everybody, keep in touch guys if any question no prob.

  • Oct 22 '12

    I'm writing this to help anyone who is waiting for their results and just "knows" that they failed. I took my NCLEX test on 9/27/2012. I knew that when my computer shut off at 75 questions that there was no question I had failed!! I wasn't even crying or upset. I was resigned and calm knowing that the next time I just needed to study harder. I wasn't even freaking out about getting my results because I KNEW that I had failed!!! I came home to sign up for quick results (really to prove to my family that I had failed!) but I couldn't figure out how to do it so I began to google how to sign up for quick results. It was then that I begin to read about the Pearson Vue Trick. I didn't believe that it worked at all. However I did it, just to see eventually if it was right. I got the "good pop up" and knew that the trick didn't work. At about midnight on 9/28/2012 I checked my state licensing website to see if anything had come up yet. (I had also been checking Pearson Vue!) When I first pulled up my name it still said Licensed Practical Nurse, and as I went to click out of the website, my results came in and my license rolled over as I watched it to Registered Nurse. I couldn't believe it!!!!! I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I passed. (I still keep checking the licensing website to make sure it hasn't changed back! Lol!!) Anyway, the Pearson Vue trick worked for me! It also worked for my friend, who sadly didn't pass the first time. Pearson took her straight to the credit card information area. I know she's going to pass next time, but I'm a believer now in the Pearson Vue Trick! Good luck to all those preparing to take the test and those waiting for their results!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 22 '12

    At times you may get frustrated and discouraged whether you didn't do well on a practice exam, or failed a real exam, please don't give up on yourself! I took my NCLEX-RN today (won't know for 48hrs if I passed, which sucks) But I know I wouldn't have been here had I not kept perservering through this program!

    I had to take months off for family stuff or personal stuff, but that was the great thing about EC! I stumbled and bumbled my way through the first few exams, then found my study path and zipped through a bunch. Got burnt out by the time I hit LS3 and failed it, not once but TWICE...took some time off, got back into the swing of things and then passed it with a B!

    Many times I got frustrated when people didn't know what EC was, or made snide comments about how you couldnt be a 'real' nurse if you did it online. I just smiled and nodded and watch them struggle through clinicals and classes while i could sit at home or at the park with my kids and study!

    Check out facebook and link up with others here that are going through the same thing you are. I met 4 other women and over this past 2yrs have become very close to them. We took a workshop together and all passed our CPNE around the same time.

    Just remember you can do this, you got this, and you were made for this!

  • Apr 4 '12

    Tasha just reading this post gives me tears of joy as if it's me that passed. I failed the CPNE the first time this is my second time around and it's at Grady April 13,14&15... Ready to get over with kind of worried about Careplans but the Lord will see me through.. Congratulations.... So excited for you and yet I don't know you.. Still share the joy, you did it....

  • Mar 28 '12

    Good luck on your studies!

    For Information Literacy, you can find a less expensive option over at Penn Foster, and you work at your own pace (unlike EC's 8 week course). It can be taken as an individual class, so you do not have to send your official transcripts to them, follow a long enrollment process, or more importantly, have to pay any sort of high-dollar admission fee. It took me 10 minutes to sign up for the class online and establish a student account. You can either immediately access the reading material in a .pdf format from your new Penn Foster student account, or wait until snail mail arrives with the printed version of the 106 page study guide.

    You will take two online examinations at home for this course, and will have plenty of time for each question (20 questions for each exam). I worked hard on trying to get an "A" on it, but a few questions really didn't make sense to me so ended up with a "B" instead... grumble. Kinda feel insulted, lol!

    I think transcript fees are $12 to get an official copy over to Excelsior. Be sure to have a good internet connection when you take your test, as a good number of questions on the second exam have you using the search engines out there (intentionally) and accessing the Library of Congress web site for answers. It took me 4 hours total for both exams last night, but I also live out in the sticks with slow internet.

    Before enrolling in the course, DO make a request to substitute this class for the one at EC (via your Excelsior account) just to play it safe. I got an answer/approval from my advisor in 2 days when I used the message center, so it won't take long and the approval is "on paper", so to speak.

    Anyway, the information for Penn Foster's Information Literacy class follows:

    Web link:

    Individual College Courses - Penn Foster College

    You will be signing up for ENG103, which right now costs $70 for the one credit course.

    After passing the exams, you'll call Student Services at 1-888-427-1000 to get a copy of the transcripts sent to Excelsior. Took a while to find this information, so made it easy for you, lol!

    As for CLEP... I love CLEP!

    I take the exams at my local university, which are offered twice a week during regular sessions. The CLEP exam is $77, and my testing site tacks on an additional $49 to test there. Still beats the cost of a formal course any day.

    Again, I would use the message center at Excelsior to get approval for a CLEP exam to fulfill degree requirements. I did this for my Psychology core requirement... the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam was allowed to cover it at a value of 3 credits. Make sure that when you take the exam, you indicate that Excelsior college needs to be a recipient of the scores.

    The CLEP exams that Excelsior accepts are found here:

    Go to page 23 of this .pdf for specific CLEP information.

    The College Board is the official CLEP people, and a description of each CLEP exam is here:
    CLEP Exams | CLEP

    Once you select a subject from that link, it'll offer a recommended reading list. One solid textbook from the list should do fine... you don't need them all.

    You can find a CLEP testing center here if you're not sure where to test:
    Test Center Search | CLEP

    Disadvantage to CLEP? It cannot affect your GPA. For some folks, this is a good thing, but for me, I'm trying to repair my less-than-stellar GPA from less studious student days well over a decade ago, lol! For your goal of becoming a CNRA, GPA will be a consideration.

    Hope you weren't looking for the Cliff Notes version of an answer to your questions.

  • Mar 22 '12

    Utica was ok.....same as any other I think. If you put 6 people in a room, you will love one, like 2,hate one, and tolerate the rest. that is what it was. I think if you pass at a site, you love it. and if you fail, you hate it. I just think it is luck of the draw to get the CE's that you love, and like.... and try to avoid the

    Hated the Hotel. The Holiday Inn doesn't have an elevator. So I had to schlep all my labs and books up a flight of 8 trips. I am way too old and out of shape for that!

    Good luck to all that have to is worth it!

  • Mar 17 '12

    I swore I failed that test and m jaw dropped when she handed my grade.

    A big fat A!

  • Mar 16 '12

    I passed LS2 this afternoon. It was challenging glad it's over ,I also took LS1 3/3 and also made a B so now I am taking LS3 my last exam this Monday 3/19 then i will register for my FCCA just in under the deadline. I Didn't plan on taking the LS series in less then a month but I'm glad i did cause im getting some of my best grades lol.Wow its all so exciting Good luck to all !!

  • Mar 16 '12

    Two weeks from today i will be in Atlanta awaiting to take my CPNE at Grady I nervous YES, am I excited YES (weird i know)'s been a long haul and I hope and pray that I have prepared enough to show EC what a great nurse I am! Two weeks left to polish and shine those skills an Area's of Care...Hope to report a GN status on 01 April!

    Good luck to all testing and studying...i know i haven't been as active on these boards this year as i used to be, but I plan on sharing my experience once i'm through!

  • Mar 13 '12

    Hey all...i'm so excited/happy this morning. I passed LS3 this morning. That was my last exam that I needed. I'm now officially FCCA/CPNE bound. It seems as if there's a few of us right there together. That makes me happy because we can all encourage each other on this last leg of the journey.

    Many thanks for the warm thoughts/prayers sent my way re:LS3. It was (in my opinion) the hardest test yet...So glad that it's over...

  • Mar 12 '12

    Blakey--I would say if you have an NCLEX saunders RN book that's a good resource. I ued that a lot. I also used SG101--(no help,don't bother) Plus I have a better background knowledge in tissue trauma/neuro/infectios disease from work I do now so it made it easier. I would say use your med-surg book and the NCLEX RN study guide, make flashcards if you can on neuro meds, symptoms of disorders. Good luck to you!! It is doable!:heartbeat

  • Mar 12 '12

    And huge thank you to all of you cheering me on!! Love all the support we all get in this forum--wouldn't be able to do it without all of you.:heartbeat

  • Mar 12 '12

    Passed with a B!! Thought that one was the easier of the 3. Now wait for my e-mail from EC ofr the FCCA! So excited!! However...I don't plan to rush the CPNE...want to test in Sept. I want 4 months of study time.

  • Mar 5 '12

    Yep, there's a few more things that need to be done besides send money . If you log into your MyExcelsior account and click on the tab, "My Details", you'll see a link under the CPNE heading that reads, "Required documents for the CPNE Application".

    Basically, you'll need the following:

    * Approved CPR card
    * Criminal background check
    * Health status report (this is the "physical" you referred to
    * Passport-style photo of you (smile!)
    * Documentation of asepsis/infection control education

    All the documents (in .pdf format) are available at that link... just expand the little "+" sign for each requirement.

    Good luck!

  • Mar 4 '12

    That's not necessarily all true if u want an earlier date. I paid Feb. 27th called Feb. 28th got acceptance and date for April 13th-15th someone cancelled. U have call everyday cuz someone will cancel...