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    I agree with you. I'm used to the kind of place that runs efficiently even with no staff and noone would EVER leave anything for the next shift.
    I work per diem now at a nursing home, and I had many concerns I took to the DON in regard to things not being done when staff leaves (2 hrs late charting every shift) but they don't have time to take their own orders off... really?
    Her response was.... "we are open 24 hrs a day. what doesn't get done one shift needs to get done the next"
    So rediculous, because now every shift will be behind from now until eternity.
    And plz explain how orders that are written for q shift can just get "passed on"

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    when a pt is old and frail or confused I would usually chart something like this
    "resident without s/s discomfort" or "resident without s/s pain related to recent fall"
    Lots of times with non verbal ppl you can tell by behavior, facial expressions, ect.. which is all you can really chart

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    In DNR

    Even within our state, non hospital DNR's arent recognized by rescue squads.

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    I've learned a really important lesson..... do things RIGHT when you have the keys.
    The min I saw this I would have called a supervisor, reported it, written up a med error sheet for the ****** order the nurse wrote, then I would have done the treatment, if I was seriously unclear on HOW to dress it, I would have called and clarified with the MD

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    I'm having trouble with a prior approval. Anyone with lots of experience that can field a few questions.
    Thanks in advance

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