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    I work in home health and I'm still relatively new to nursing (but not to the world of work or of self-starting work, either). I don't know if it helps that I'm an experienced health care worker first and a nurse second, or that I'm well into my third (or is it fourth?) career, but I LOVE the work & I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to develop into a better nurse in this specialty. My agency has been very careful about helping me ramp up, moving out of orientation to patients who were less critical first, then slowly as I felt more comfortable, to patients requiring a bit more attention. My supervisor has also been invaluable and quickly available by phone. As MBrickle pointed out, this is going to be the place more and more of us are going to start, because honestly, especially in the over-populated nursing world of places like the Northeast, hospitals just aren't hiring us. The difficulty is that, as in most fields, no one wants to pay for mentoring to happen over a long period of time. The ideal would be if home health agencies sent nurses out in pairs, to give new RNs time to develop the sort of instinct that QueenNasus talks about. But is there any company out there doing that more than during a brief orientation period?

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    You think that is a common experience on the hospital floor? Try home health! heh heh

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    My story is pretty similar to the others posted here, except that I *did* get a job... and then was let go after the probationary period ended. My self-esteem is pretty much on the floor at this point. I can't relocate, plus I'm a second-career RN, which means I may be facing age discrimination, too, for all I know. My question is, does anyone know of any support groups specifically for new grad nurses (aside from this virtual one)? I think I might have to make one.