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  • Dec 9 '11

    It's just good manners. Hold the door until somone else grabs it.

  • Dec 6 '11

    Quote from Praiser
    Wow.....I just spent some time in the hospital lately and I realized that mostly all of the nurse's are younger. Not an older, seasoned nurse in the bunch ! I am an "old school" nurse, been around a while, and It made me very sad that the younger ones don't have an older co-worker to learn from.

    Personally, I like having an older, more experienced nurse helping me....they know so much.

    What's your take on nursing these days ?

    Age doesn't always mean experienced: my last new-grad orientee was in her 50s, a couple of decades older than I. She decided to try nursing after a long military career.

    We worked a lot of shifts together as the only two nurses on the unit. While most patients knew or learned that I was the charge nurse, occasionally some would often refer to ME as the student nurse (it doesn't help me that I look younger than my age). It was funny to see the puzzlement on these patients' faces when she said that she'd have to call her charge in for help/advice and I'd walk into the room

    So don't necessarily equate "older" with "seasoned," as you may be pleasantly surprised

    I find that I learn something valuable from nurses of all ages as well as of all experience levels. She may have been a new grad, but my new grad orientee taught me a few things in return. It all depends on how open you are to learning.

  • Dec 6 '11

    :spin:Just curious as to what you would say. Mine goes something like this:

    Hi, my name is AngelfireRN, I'll be your nurse tonight.

    I am not a waitress, nor am I your slave.

    Yelling and hurling obscenities at me will not get you your pain meds any sooner than they are ordered. Nor will having your family member or entourage do the same.

    Threatening lawsuits and having umpteen family members camp out in the halls or hold up the nurse's station will not get you preferential treatment.

    Physically grabbing me as I go down the hall is NOT a good idea.

    I do not give the orders, but I do have to follow/enforce them. This is something that you should take up with your doctor.

    No, I will not call him again to ask him for more pain medicine. He has been called twice and has said no both times.

    No, I will not give you his number so you can "straighten him out".

    No, you are not my only patient, and i highly doubt that you are single-handedly paying my salary. On the off chance that you are, let's talk about a raise.

    NO, NO, NO, i most empahatically will NOT come get you when it is time for your next pain shot while you are having a smoke break. I also will not bring it to you in the smoking room. (Have actually said that, I am allergic to cigarettes. I did it once, had an asthma attack, desatted to 83, and turned blue, according to the patient and my charge nurse, after the patient had to help me back to the floor).

    No, I don't really care if your family has not eaten all day, they drove here by themselves, they are not sick, and no, I will not call for 6 guest trays. (This of course, is if the patient in question does not need all 6 family members present, and is not at death's door).

    No, you may not have 3 six-packs of soda from the kitchen, there are other people that would like a snack, too.

    No, they will not open up the kitchen up just for you, at 1 in the morning, because you don't like the snacks we have on the floor.

    I could think of hundreds, but those will do for a start. I know it sounds mean, but this is why I got out of bedside nursing. When a hospital becomes the Hilton, I'm gone!!!
    Have fun!

  • Dec 6 '11

    Quote from AZnurse_2B
    No need for snarky comments. I will gladly post more information/clarification, but my two best sources are well-respected MDs who are doing international healthcare consulting in Columbia at the moment (returning next week I believe). I do know that this was addressed at the Catholic Medical Association 80th Annual Meeting just last month here in Phoenix.
    No snark, just requiring a certain amount of proof, given the amount of data and logic to the contrary.

    Given that no hospital that receives federal funds provides ALL services available, it would be virtual impossible to enforce such a law. Most medical schools do not require indepth abortion training, beyond emergency issues. Many hospitals do not have access to abortion providers. You cannot force an MD to provide care that they do not feel competent in, nor force them all to go back and train in that specialty, especially given the current lack of adept providers. Many smaller hospitals that receive federal funds don't provide more advanced cardiac procedures, or advanced neurological care, certain surgeries. Do you think that the need to perform abortions is going to override those other priorities for developing care in a facility?

    In FL, some facilities have few birthes at all much less opportunities for providing "a certain number" of abortions.

    The reason that we question such an encompassing statement, is that it would logistically not be workable. Thus the request for "proof".

    I have also seen "respected MDs" that swear that to a number of things that are false.

  • Dec 2 '11

    Quote from AZnurse_2B
    Part of the new healthcare plan includes mandates that all hospitals (even those that are Catholic) perform so many abortions each year to qualify for federal funding.

    Did you read this before you posted it? It's so silly that it's almost not worth arguing.

  • Nov 30 '11

    i'm pretty sure most schools dont care where you took your pre-reqs, as long as the school is able to transfer the credits.