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  • Sep 7 '13

    Quote from WSU_Ally_RN
    The faces scale isn't for you to interpret what their pain APPEARS to be, it's for you to show your patient and have them pick how their face feels with their pain... I use is all the time with my preschoolers, I show them the scale and they point to their pain. With an adult that is able to communicate with you, you should always be using the #'s scale, and what ever they say their pain is, it is, no matter what you think it is!

    To me there's nothing wrong with documenting "patient reports pain 10/10, is grimacing" or "patient reports pain 10/10, is sitting at bedside laughing with family members and eating lunch."

  • Dec 2 '10

    Quote from Woodenpug
    Let's be cute! OMG, i'd die fer somtin cute. Yeah, Nurses are a professional group of people. Prolly, IDK, ur patients would prefer that u no sumtin bout where they cumin from. Ya no, like disease process an symptoms.

    S***, mama, i wants me some cute nurses. No, like fer real, I'd stay here 24/7 long as I gots me a cute nurse. lol.

    O.k. sorry. You want to fit into the culture of your new job. Being part of the team is important and the symbols are necessary to belong. Your post just accidentally struck a nerve. The best answer is to ask them where they got theirs. Sometimes those symbols are more important for the source than the product.

    Absolutely unnecessary.

  • Nov 27 '08

    Wow, I cannot believe how much negativity there is about the Clinic. I have worked for the Clinic for 2 years, in the CICU. I originally started there as a new grad, and chose it for their tuition reimbursement. I absolutely love my job. The autonomy of nurses is unlike anywhere I have ever seen. We work along side the doctors, not for them. They will listen to our views/comments, and many times follow through with them. If we ever have any questions they are more than happy to take the time to make sure we understand the rationale of our care. While I do agree that the size of the Clinic is sometimes overwhelming, the esteem that comes with working there is something to be very proud of. We take care of the sickest of the sick, adding years to peoples lifes, when other hospitals say there is nothing else they can do. I cannot speak for the med/surg floors, ( I know they are understaffed) but in any of their heart ICUs, you will learn more than you could ever imagine. And when you literally save a life, you will feel that it was YOUR care that was needed. I thank God for all of the knowledge I have gained there.

  • Jul 30 '07

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