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    Quote from mccnrs2b
    Have you checked into any community colleges by you? I live in the Bradenton/Sarasota Region and I know that Sarasota Memorial has a program for returning nurses. Did you check directly with the hospitals? Do you have your ADN or BSN?

    Dear Kris,

    Thanks for you reply! Yes, I have checked with Lake Sumter Community College, and emailed a few others - with no success. No one seems interested?!?! I am puzzled! Sarasota is a pretty far distance to travel on a daily basis to go to class/practical. I have checked with Leesburg Regional Medical Center and the Florida Hospital Waterman here in Tavares, and neither has programs, again, puzzling me!

    I am a (54 year old) 3 year hospital diploma graduate from Pennsylvania with 21 years of active nursing experience, mostly critical care, but ranging from Med-Surg, to Recovery Room, Hemodialysis and even eight years in the military(four of them were flight nurse years!). I have a BS in Health Arts.

    I will keep on investigating, and hoping that something will turn up. Thanks again for your reply.

    Happy New Year!

    Carol M.

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    I'm not sure what you would need, but perhaps just taking some CEU's would help?

    Good luck!
    Dear Fun2Care,

    Hi and THANKS for your reply! I have kept my state requirements of CEU's current since I left active nursing in 1992. I lived in Kentucky, and when I moved to Florida, I got my certification by endorsement, and fulfilled their state requirement of CEU's, too. I think that I read(am NOT totally sure, tho!) that I read that if one has been out of active nursing for more than ten years, a refresher course is mandatory??? Have not seen this for sure. Also, a potential employer(nurse recruiter) has told me that I would need to take a refresher course.

    My previous skills were pretty good - I worked critical care, was ACLS certified, have done everything from recovery room, to hemodialysis, to military flight nursing, so I don't think it would take much except updating and refreshing new medicines. Gotta run....will write more later. Let me know what you think or if you know about any programs.

    THX again!

    Carol M.

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    HI again!! I am not real familar with all this new-fangled computer stuff, but I'll try again!!! My thanks to Patrick, who got me on the right track of the Florida forum! I am hoping to get a few more ideas from ya'll!

    I have been out of nursing for thirteen years, and have to take a refresher course before I enter back into the professsion. I have researched the community colleges, and the few there are around me here in Leesburg, are not offering anything at all!! I have called a few local hospitals, and they refer me back to the community hospitals!?!?!? I am truly at a loss - if there is such a shortage of nurses, why is it so difficult to get those of us who want to come back the courses that we need??

    I did email the State Board, and was sent a list of approved remedial courses, but it is geared for those nurses retaking their RN exams. There is NOTHING about a refresher course for someone who has been out for awhile and needs a few updates?!? Please help if you can!

    Happy New Year

    to all, and drive safely tonight so you can post tomorrow!!


    Carol M.

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    Quote from suzanne4

    I suggest that you may want to post this under the Florida section, listed under US may get more answers that way.........

    Good luck.................
    Dear Suzanne, I am not real famliar with using these forum message boards... I thought I was in the Florida secton!!!! Thanks for the info! I did get it posted in the Florida section, and Pat told me to consult the local community colleges, which I have done. Still no classes/programs to be found! It really makes me wonder since there a nurse shortage out there - why not make it a little more user friendly to get back into the swing!?!?! Thanks again for your advice. Sincerely, Carol M.

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    Howdy! I have just moved to Florida, and will be getting back in to nursing after a respite of thirteen years. I'd like to take a refresher course, but no one in my area seems to be offering them!?!?! This kinda confuses me, since there is a shortage out there! If any one has any info on RN refresher courses in the Leesburg or metro Orlando area, PLEEZE let me know! I certainly appreciate the help! Happy New Year to all!!

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    I have recently moved to Florida, and am going back into nursing after a thirteen year "respite". I want to take a refresher course before heading back into the work force, but am unable to find one anywhere! Find this so hard to believe, since there is a "shortage" out there! I live in Leesburg, which is 50 miles northwest of Orlando, but can't find anything there, either! Please let me know if you have any advice or info! Thanks so much!