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    I'm looking into applying to WGU, but was wondering if there was anyone else in CT going through their RN-MSN program?

    Anyone know if the hospitals (that are starting to require BSNs) view online BSN programs differently than that of a "traditional" school?

    Thank you!!

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    [QUOTE= Not my circus, not my monkeys.[/QUOTE]

    My new favorite phrase..... <3

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    Here in CT, the report includes a date... ie: "Students enrolled as of November 12". If I have students withdraw before then, I don't include them.

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    I go through You can order for your school.

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    I'm trying to sing this song today.... just to get through. Only 2 1/2 more days after today.... I'm so done. I'm fried. So looking forward to a break this summer.

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    I would email the nurses... and check in with PSA. The job market is really tough, so being a little more aggressive and creative in your approach is probably a good thing.
    Good luck!!

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    [QUOTE=Cackalacky;7824079]I get free EpiPens with EpiPen® (epinephrine) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors

    Cackalacky.... do you remember how long it took for them to respond to you, and send the epipens? I sent them an email last week, and haven't received an email back. Just curious.

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    I hope things get better for you. I will tell you that I felt sick my first year of school nursing. It was tough, but eventually, my immune system kicked into gear.
    I'm now in my 3rd year of school nursing, and (knock on wood) haven't been sick this year, despite being saturated with coughing, strep infused kids. The best thing I can say is, wash your hands. All. The. Time. Take it easy on yourself. It gets better.
    I love my job, but this was one of the big challenges to overcome.

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    P&G offers the free puberty stuff, which I get from them every year for health class. The kids seem to like it.

    I'd be interested to hear about other freebies.

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    TGIF indeed. Here's my long story.

    Yesterday I got a call from the elementary school principal in a panic because our local LTC facility had called to deny the 3rd Kindergarten class entry into the facility. A parent, who works there, said there was an "epidemic" of lice in the school. Fortunately my 2nd job is with our local hospital (which included the LTC) and I know the infection control nurse. So I called and said "Seriously? Lice can't jump or fly! Plus, there is NO epidemic". What has been happening is a that woman who spread the story is the mom of 3 kids who had head lice a few weeks ago. She treated on Friday and they went back to school on Monday and came home with live lice. She blamed that on the other kids at school - yeah, all 3 of her kids found another kid or kids who had head lice and sat next to them and lice jumped from one kid to another. Hey mom, maybe you missed some nits and they hatched. Sigh . . . .I got all the current scientific info, all the answers to the myths about lice, all the treatment options including the new one Sklice, a prescription and sent it to her weeks ago. The IC nurse thanked me and called the principal back and the kids got to go.

    Then I went to our other elementary school and a Kindergarten teacher asked me to look at a kid who had been treated for lice but was scratching his head. I usually don't do this but this teacher is scared stiff of bugs. I called him off the playground and we went somewhere private and I looked and there was nothing! Later when I told the teacher, she said, "He comes up to me and puts his head against my side and gives me a hug and I just shudder". I wanted to shout . . . but I didn't. I said "lice don't jump or fly". They are holding firmly onto a hair shaft at the base of the hair so they can get a supply of blood to live on from the scalp. They only live an hour or two without that supply. They aren't scurrying around a person's hair.

    Later I checked in with the 1st elementary school and I saw a Kindergarten student with a hair net. I asked her why she had that on and she mumbled something but a woman came up and said "because she went on a field trip to the LTC and needed to protect the residents". Not only was that wrong scientifically but it was wrong to single that little girl out - it violated her medical privacy. I'll bet whoever did it mentioned the word "lice" in front of the other kids.

    The only way any child could transfer the lice to a resident would be to get into bed with them and rub heads all night long. They can't jump from the hallway while the kids are walking by singing.

    I haven't had that bad a lice day in a long time.

    Vent over - but yeah, Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers can be big old scaredy cats.
    Oh good grief! What a headache! I hate dealing with the lice thing.... not the actual bugs, but the complete hysteria they cause....

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    LOL...too funny. It's friday, and the first week of March is almost over.

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    So sorry fetch. You are starting what needs to be done to help the child.


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    I think I'm a dreamer.... I just don't see how there is room in this world for racism. Why can't we all just enjoy the differences in people, and embrace something bigger than us. Race has nothing to do with the level of care one receives, or one gives (obviously).

    That's it... my Kumbaya moment for the day.

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    Not sure why this is showing up in "School Nursing".........

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    Quote from Tina, RN
    OMG, "therapeutic boredom" is absolutely perfect!! I'm totally stealing that.