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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this program? Seems almost too good to be true, a little nervous to commit. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    I look the TEAS exam a couple months ago. The TEAS study guide is a good way to prepare but it is just a guide. There will be some questions on there that were not covered in detail in the book but I still feel it helped. All in all the test wasn't too bad. You also have two attempts at the test so don't worry too much because you can always take it again.


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    I appreciate your feedback about the school. I am going to fly down to go look at it. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the area of miramar? I was not planning on moving to that area, but I have not heard great things about it. I couldnt imagine it could be that bad to just attend school at, but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks again for the input!