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    Originally posted by tsgarman:
    It sounds like from all of the messages that I have been reading that becoming specialized is the way to go. I am a first yr student what would be a good field to go into? I have looked into the CRNA field. Can anyone suggest some others?
    I couldn't agree more with NorthernRN. Although I have specialized since graduating from a BSN program in the recent past (I was not in the medical field prior), I would not dream of specializing without that M/S foundation! Nurses need at least 1 year "in the trenches". You really learn time-management, as well as seeing just about everything under the sun. After talking with other RNs who went straight into specialty areas (and I think we will be seeing more of this with the current nursing crunch) I value that year of med-surg experience all the more. It will hard work but worth it. M/S nurses work extremely hard and get the least recognition, but they will teach you so much! Good luck in your nursing career!

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