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    Thank you so much. And congratulations to you as well. Thats pretty amazing that you took both and passed. I almost wish I had used Liek. So many people mentioned that it is very similar to the questions on the ancc. I have been using the Fitzgerald review book, as well as boardvitals. Boardvitals has been very difficult. I wish there were more posts on boardvitals scores and predictability in regards to the ancc. I recently did some questions on FNP mastery as well. I take the test next week and I am having some anxiety

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    Hi all,
    In December, I completed my Master's in FNP and now I am hoping to take the ANCC exam. In January, I took a review course offered by Fitzgerald Health Education Associates in New York. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, I was not able to start studying after the review course. Now that I am back on track, I would like to jump right back in. I was hoping to get some input from people in my situation or anyone who has taken the exam. How long did you prepare for the exam? Did you take the ANP or the ANCC? What study materials did you utilize?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Good for your friend! I love oncology - I would love to work in Peds though, or possibly the NICU. But oncology is such a good area.

    I am also on a waiting list for the position. I hope something opens up soon. Which position are you wait-listed for?

    And that's good! Congrats on your offer - where is it?

    And Thank you, I wish you the best of luck too! keep me posted?

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    I interviewed for the Oncology position at Cornell. And how about you? How was your interview? Have you heard anything from them? && Thats good that youve been interviewing at other places as well! How are those interviews going?

    Quote from NYPextern
    That's great that you received good feedback from your recruiter. I hope you hear something soon. What unit did you interview for?

    And yes, I have been interviewing at other places. However, I agree, it is really hard.

    Also, I wonder if we were in the same Extern orientation last year? Did you work at NYP Weill Cornell or another campus?

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    Its hard getting interviews at other hospitals - most hospitals are hiring their externs or employees. And other hospitals only want experienced nurses, I understand the risk with new grads, but we all need to start somewhere. It's frustrating and depressing. Thus, nope havent interviewed anywhere else. And you?

    Some of my friends who did not do an externship are looking for jobs in CT and NJ. It's so hard. I thought the market would have been better for our year as new grads, but nope. Not better at all.

    On the brighter side, I spoke with my recruiter today, and she gave me some very good feedback. I am actually very happy about that - but I do not want to make any assumptions. **fingers crossed**

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    Hey NYPextern,

    My Interview with the recruiter went very well actually. I was invited to interview with the nurse manager. I think that went well also. It's all just a waiting game for me now. I dont like waiting for this.

    I was asked behavioral questions on both interviews. I was asked a few behavioral questions with the recruiter - then she asked when I was free to meet with the PCD. Both my interviews were like 40 minutes. I dont know what to expect, I believe I performed well because I received good feedback from then as I answered the questions. But maybe this could be a generic response to interviewee's responses.

    But what about you, how was your interview. Which location are you interviewing for? And are you interviewing for the same floor you were an extern on?

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    Hey NYPextern,

    Thanks for the reply - I read on their website that they do favor externs - but I want to be fully prepared. Interviewing is not my forte thus my anxiety. Did your friend get the job? Good Luck your interview.

    Everyone's input has been helpful and I really appreciate it.

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    ExpatHopeful - You last replies were very helpful. I followed your advise but yet, I am very worried. I researched some behavioral questions and found it hard to answer them all. I didn't know you were a new grads, I was actually hoping as a new grad, I wont be bombarded with all the behavioral questions. Are you at Cornell or Columbia? My interview is with Cornell. I am crossing my fingers, and Im trying to boost my confidence. Ah I really hope, hope I get this.

    Quote from ExpatHopeful
    Hey hope,

    It will be enough. They know you're a new grad. There will be lots of behavioral questions like I mentioned before, but you will be able to answer them based on your clinicals or any non-nursing jobs you have held. Don't know if I mentioned it before but I am a new grad too. Review your notes/journals form clinicals, have examples ready and go in confident!:redpinkhe

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    Hey, Thanks. I applied in August & yes, I have externship experience at NYP. I believe everyone is automatically placed in the residency program at Cornell. I really hope I get this.

    Quote from JoeNurse2b

    Congrats on your interview! When did you apply for NYP? Is it for the residency? Do you have an externship experience. I applied for the August/Sept waitlist but have not heard anything

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    Thanks. I graduated this May from college. I know, it's hard getting an interview. This is my first offer, and I have applied to many other hospitals in the NYC area, and get turned down instantly because I have no experience as an RN. I am putting a lot of effort to nail this interview. I just hope I get it. I guess all we can do is keep trying.

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    I agree with buschmi86. Kaplan strategies do work. There is a content review, with hours of course review. I spent time on the topics I didnt know so well. And I believe, part of passing the NCLEX is not solely mastering the material but also knowing how to dissect the questions. And the Kaplan review course teaches these things. Good Luck with your studies.

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    It's ok, it was possibly the most difficult exam I ever took. I honestly did not know anything on the exam when I took it, it was like it was in another language, and I basically picked the one I think was best, more like guessed the right one anyhow. Keep holding on, you will do it. Have you tried enrolling in the Kaplan online course? It was the only course/book I used in preparation.

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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have an interview with New York Presbyterian Cornell in a week. I am also a new grad. In preparation for the interview, I have researched some behavioral questions that may be asked. BUT as a new grad, I do not think I have had the experience to answer certain behavioral questions. Yes, I have had clinical experiences but I dont think that is enough. I am very anxious, and I need this position, like any nurse would.

    Has anyone interviewed at NYP WC recently as a new grad or as an RN? What was it like? Were there many behavioral questions? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    In NYP

    Thank you so much for all the advice. I will def keep referring to your post to make sure I have all the necessary information. I will prepare for both interviews anyhow. Thank you again I really appreciate it.