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    I travel 1 to 1.5 hours 4 days a week for classes it does get tiring and is expensive but the drive has gotten better I'm getting used to it as time goes on..I choose to make the drive based on simular apects of your school #1 it's a great school in an urban environment and so far there are no regrets of choosing to make the drive everyday!
    Good luck! And just keep a positive outlook it's no that bad!

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    Glad to see some people have a crazy drive like me so I'm not alone haha!

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    Hello all!
    I am interested to see how far everyone travels to clincals.

    Coming into my program I knew clincals could be a lengthy drive, and when I start clincals next semester I will be driving almost 2 hours, thankfully only once a week! I'm not complaining because it's a great hospital, but it will be interesting especially in the winter!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I don't know if this will help but I took classes at sc4 and they transferred to mcc, talk to a counselor they will be able to tell you for sure and what classes will exactly transfer! I waited for almost 3 years to get into sc4, once I got in I turned it down for my acceptance at Wayne state which I will never regret .. Good luck!

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    I do believe acceptance is based highly on gpa, I had I believe a 3.6 but from what I hear many students had higher than that.
    They say you can send in a resume, letter of recommendation ect..but that helps only if you are tied for a spot with another student (I didn't send one)
    I actually had a "c" in a prereq and I was strongly advised not to repeat the course and to add I transfered in I took no previous class at Wayne.
    Some type of medical experience will help even volunteering, during my interview when they asked about previous experience and I was able to share my medical experience you could tell they became very interested in me.
    This is an amazing program so far, good luck!

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    I am currernlty in a bsn program for nursing where alot of us are minoring in psychology, I take the classes I need for my minor during the lighter semesters since some semesters only have 2 classes so depending on your course work yes minoring is possible. As far as double majoring that may be a little tougher depending on what you major in.

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    hello buttons!

    I recently took an EMT-B course before I started nursing school and fell in love with it! It’s so exciting I would highly recommend taking it, you seem very interested. As far as working I was never able to work as an emt because of my school schedule because emts in my area pull 24hr shifts most of the time which would be to much for me right now, but it may be different in your area I would check it out if I were you. Even though Im not able to use my license right now I dont ever regret taking the course, it taught me so much I dont think i'll learn in nursing school, it teaches you almost a completely different approach to things. After being introduced to this field I definitely want to try and use it with my RN (a flight nurse, er/trauma)

    Good Luck!!

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    I feel exactly the same way! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I have been working so hard for almost 3 years to gain acceptance into a nursing program and now I finally start next week at one of the best universities in my state. I was extremely excited when I received my acceptance letter over the summer but now I'm way more nervous then excited, I have all the same thoughts at you ; what if I'm not good enough or dont make it ect. I have heard nothing but great things about my school so like you once I get going to get settled I hope this feeling goes away! Good luck to both of us!!!

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    I was rejected 4 times by my school of choice! Very heartbreaking but I never gave up, this year I was finally accepted to not only one but 2 programs!!! Its comforting seeing others went through the same thing I did, but it does show proof that you should never give up!

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    Hello all, I am hopeing to get some help from oncoming students into the wayne state nursing program or previous first year students!

    When I go online to try and order textbooks through the website, out of all of our first semester classes it only gives me two classes worth of books that I need to that right? If not what other textbooks do I need to look at getting?
    I would like to get my books asap so hopefully someone has info for me! thank you!!