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  • Jan 21 '15

    I applied and got in btw. Thanks lady_stic!

  • Sep 18 '13

    With all due respect to the previous poster, Western Mass has an incredible quality of life that makes it extremely desirable for those who value green open spaces; smaller intimate communities; clean air and water; gorgeous places to hike, paddle, and ski; and never spend your precious commuting hours stuck in traffic. For those who value this, eastern mass can't hold a candle to western mass. Pittsfield has a reasonably well-regarded community hospital, a growing arts community, and proximity to only one local nursing program at the community college there. The Pioneer Valley which houses Amherst and Northampton is filled with colleges and their associated cultural riches, as well as several more nursing programs and hospitals. And as far as Baystate, though it is certainly a flawed large urban hospital, it is the only Level 1 trauma center of western mass and, I think, has far more to offer than the crude smear of the previous posting would imply. If you are at all drawn to this area, ignore the biases of more urban folk and do some more research - it is an absolute gem of a region!

  • Feb 24 '13

    [FONT=lucida grande]I didn't have that great of a day at work on Friday, but with that said: I was still able to make a difference in a child's life, give valuable information to help parents, connected with local resources that can help the children and the community, and be apart of a team that cares for future generations. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow