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Seeking advice


Specializes in ED, ICU. Has 3 years experience.

I know, another redundant post where I give you all my stats and ask if you guys think I have a shot at being accepted into a CRNA program. Bear with me :) I'd really appreciate any input!

RN, BSN with one year of floor experience and 2 years of ER experience

Starting Monday full-time in the MICU at a large, well known level 1 trauma/teaching hospital in LA

Plan on taking the CCRN within a year

Can get excellent LOR from managers

Plan on shadowing CRNA's this coming spring

Plan on taking GRE

BSN from UMass, graduated with honors

**got a C+ my first year in chem101 d/to language barrier, then got an A in chem102 with a new professor

My question for you guys is not only do you thing I have a chance, but also whether or not you think I should re-take chem101? Also, should I take a biochem class? It wasn't required for my BSN program. Thanks in advance for any and all help!



Specializes in CRNA.

Yes, you'll get accepted to a program. Depends on how you interview and where you apply.

Da_Milk_of_Amnesia, MSN

Specializes in Critical Care. Has 5 years experience.

If memory serves me right, ER will not count as experience for some schools. You'll need to do some research.