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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    If you write all the things down that are NOT wrong with a patient, you'll surely drive yourself crazy by writing reams of unnecessary information!

    We use a format called "exception charting" which means that you only chart what's abnormal. We use a combination of flow sheet and progress notes.

    If we check something as "abnormal" on the flow sheet, we follow up with a written nurse's note.

    Way easier.

    You might even be able to Google up some flow sheet forms to help you get a format going.
    Thank you so much!! Ill check it out!!

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    Acceptance Fee =100.00 (non refundable)
    Liability Insurance = 25.00
    Shoes 75.00
    Test Fees= 54.00
    Graduation Fees= 273.00

    Total $9, 564.00

    Oh yea and it is 11 months!

    Which is really not it considering we have to have fund raisers or pay for our grad ceremony. Plus transportation costs and day care for 3 kids. O my goodness, my head is spinning from all the dollar signs racing through my head. LOL

    I still need money to help, but haven't had to much luck yet.

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    OK here is my problem. We are currently working on h2t assessments. I know how to do them. I need a bit of help finding a work sheet to write my finding on. The one we use really really confuses me. I also need to know if you chart the things you check that are NOT abnormal. They say "if it is not charted, it is not done" but if nothing is wrong with say his ears, well then what do you put?