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    I am a new grad and I've been working on a step down cardiac unit for 5 months now and it's a horrible environment to work in. It's an unsafe environment to work in also. We are forced to take over our max of patients so we end up with 5-6 critical pts on cardiac drips and have to spend half of our shift looking for cardiac monitors to safely monitor our pts on the drips and we can't receive labs on our floor we have to go to a different floor to get them an we are way way understaffed....anyway I have planned to get out because I worked too hard for my license to lose them like this. I have an option to go to an icu or a med/surg floor at a different hospital but this floor has scared me from the hospital environment. Is this they type of environment I will be working in everywhere? I'm just so scared to get into another job I'm going to be miserable in

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    I am a new grad fresh RN...I have been working on the ICU step down unit for the past 3 months and I hate every second of it...the whole time I'm workin I don't have time to breathe it feels like! I always get the bad patients as in they r turning for the worst or they are high Maintanence all night...I was promised a 3 month orientation and got cut off short and I feel completely and totally inadequate! I work for little to nothing, high acuity pts with several cardiac drips and 4 pts most of the time sometimes we walk into taking 5 and never have the schedule I signed up for which cuts into my family time and when I go home all I can do is cry and think about all the stuff I should have done better!! I absolutely dread goin to work and I have literally cried on the way to work bc I hate it so much...I LOVED nursing in nursing school and knew in my heart this is where I belonged but this job has made me reconsider....should I transfer to a different hospital or go in home health or what?? Is it time for a different job? Please help!!!!!! :,(

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    Does anyone know about the average starting pay is for an RN in hospitals around southeast MO? Or where to find this kind of information?