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    Quote from janettaVU
    I agree. The profession of nursing is a calling, not a random choice. Life circumstance might make you the compassionate one who is drawn to nursing, in which case you are indeed made compassionate not by academic study.
    I"m not a nun, i'm a nurse. Nursing might be a calling for some but one does not need to be called to be a good nurse.

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    I had a doctor lecture me about the ABC's when I asked her to transfer a patient to the ICU for a very low blood pressure. I had already given him 2 NS boluses and he was deteriorating rapidly. As his kidney function sucked, I was concerned. She kept insisting that since he could breathe and his airway was patent, he would be fine. I finally got him transferred and two days later he died. Of course, in the case of this MD, it could have been just pure laziness on her part. She did the same thing a week later to another nurse on my unit.

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    Quote from Tenebrae
    I work in gerontology and palliative care. All my patients die. I have a really bad survival rate
    All my patients die also. Funny how that happens when you are a hospice nurse!

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    Quote from Mperfect1
    Can you complete the nursing program at midlands tech in one year?
    It's not possible.

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    Quote from JaxsRN
    Let me clarify since you want to be so literal. I have never made a med error, never hurt a patient, never had a patient code, never had to call a MIT, never had to elevate to ICU. And also, I also stated that I will, but until that happens units should recognize when they have a good one on their hands.

    How would I know this ? Well I suppose there would be evidence.
    You might want to be careful on that pedestal you've placed yourself on, because the fall is rough. And you mght also want to be careful with all that back patting your doing, you might dislocate your shoulder.

    So you've never had a patient code and you haven't had to send one to the ICU. It means nothing, except that you have had stable patients. Patients code, they get transferred to ICU and rapids are called on them all the time. I'd say the vast majority of times, it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the nurse. I'd say that it is mainly due to a patient being stable.

    Come back in five years and reread what you have written, it will (or should be) an eye opening experience

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    I agree with Caliotter, contact your states labor board and put in your notice. Not necessarily in that order. Good luck

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    Quote from broughden
    I am assuming this is someone faking or a troll.

    If its not, then its been two years, according to news reports. Why didnt you just retake the failed class and move on?
    No, it's real. I remember seeing the story on the news

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    I had in the past and am planning to start again (when I get to the grocery store). My A1C dropped from 10.4 to 7.1. That's the lowest it's been for a long time. My cholesterol also dropped. I went off it when I was put on prednisone (for asthma) becuase I would just eat everything in sight!

    My doc is okay with it but she would prefer me to be on a plant based diet (she's a vegetarian). So long as my labs look good, she's okay. we just don't discuss my diet as much. I do eat a lot of veg though: I eat, even now, broccoli 4 times a week (what can I say, I Love broccoli) and I have some killer recipes that involve kale (Sausage and Kale soup, yum)

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Honestly- it has been meeting fascinating people whose paths I would never have crossed had I pursued my first career choice*.

    (*Fifth Beatle)
    You can't be the fifth Beatle. I am the fifth Beatle!

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    Quote from Presbynurse12345
    There was an incident at the hospital I work at where many nurses noticed that she wasn't getting up to do vitals after bringing it up to our director she investigated and the tech admitted that she did make up vitals. Our director suspended her for 3 days and when she came back she told the charge nurse she had only made up vitals for 2 weeks which is 6 shift at 12 patients a shift times 3 is 216 made up vitals .. I feel she has done this longer and don't want to work with her for fear of my patients.. can I go above my director and call our compliance line... not sure what steps I can take but I know I can't trust her to do her job. Not to mention all of the falsification on these charts. Any advice would be helpful
    If you don't trust her, then do your own vitals. And chart them. YOu, ultimately, are responsible for your patient. And if you are giving meds that you need an accurate set of vitals, you really need to trust what is charted is accurate. You're going to be better off getting them yourself.

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    Quote from TLS9544
    This may seem like a stupid question, but I'm a new nurse. I have that handful of pts who want to know what each and every pill is for. Fine, but it just seems...mean? To say "that's your antipsychotic"... what do you say when that's exactly what it is?
    What is the patient taking it for. For instance, Seroquel is an anti-psychotic but can also be used for insomnia. Or some take it for a specific illness (Bipolar). Tell them it's their medication for what disease it's treating.

    A few of my patient who were on anti-psychotics, I would just say that it was an anti psychotic, others, I would just tell them "it's for your Bipolar" or whatever disease it was used for. YOu don't necesarily have to give the class, if you tell them what they are taking it for, it should suffice.

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    Quote from nightlightnurseaide
    We get a 30 minute break to. During our pedicure time we do get to sit down. I'm talking about nodding off while sitting down. Should you be blamed for that? I mean if you haven't slept well in weeks can you really help it.
    If you are unable to stay awake, if you have not gotten adequate sleep for weeks, you are not safe to work. And yes, you are to blame if you fall asleep when you are at work and are supposed to be working.

    I worked nights for 6 years, and I can honestly say I have never fall asleep at work. When I felt like I would doze off, I would get up and round on my patients. It only took a few minutes to peek in on them, then I would go complete my charting. And I have charted while standing.

    Stop making excuses. Becuase that is what you are doing.

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    Does anyone know if we need to document the ambient temperature of the room? And the where the sun is in the sky? I mean, they are saying document nearly everything else but the patients underwear size!

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    Quote from jeannaj2012
    for one have your titers drawn for what is required most places will accept titers, 2 a lot of places will allow you to wear a mask instead of taking a flu shot. although a mask would be a hipaa violation. Thankfully the schools and clinical sites i will be using for my Rn will allow religious exemptions and a mask i am not so sure about the clinical sites for my bsn! Praying it all works out
    where in the world do you get your information? A mask is a HIPAA violation? How?
    Can you give us links to peer reviewed research to back up your claims? Please provide them

    I also would LOVE to know how hygiene prevents airborn illnesses from being spread. Care to share you thoughts on that one?

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    The program I graduated from required an 85% average. An ADN program. An we had to get a 100% on all our math tests. Some programs are like that.