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  • Oct 31

    When I worked as a cna in the bay area, California, I started at $11/hr in an assisted living facility. When I got hired in the hospital, I started at $22/hr!

  • Aug 24

    When I first started out 9 months ago, I felt very incompetent. I was so nauseous on my 1st day of being on the floor! But I learned how to adapt. It took some time, but I learned. I had a great preceptor who showed me the ropes. All nursing school does is give you a foundation. You actually learn on the job as you go. Believe me, it gets better every day. What you're feeling is normal. I still feel incompetent. It seems like every day something new pops up. But I definitely have a better handle on things than I did 9 months ago as to what questions I should be asking and why. Hang in there!

  • Mar 2

    I'm a nursing student, but I just started my new job as an AL caregiver.

    I've trained AM and PM. I like both, but I've found working PM is better for me. Today after I came home from my AM shift, I fell right asleep. Before I knew it, it was already 6:30. I'm not usually the type that likes to stay up late or take naps, but working AM is so exhausting! PM seems way more relaxed, although I start getting sleepy around 9. It doesn't help that I have to be up at 6 the next day for an 8AM class. However, I feel like it's better for me to work PM because of school. When I come home from an AM shift, I don't wanna do anything.