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    For those with A & P classes... This will be helpful

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    Quote from unrealstylez
    Happy New Year everyone! Can someone please tell me what time we have to report for the orientation on Jan 3rd? I can't find the papers so please... HELP!
    when you start the program, you have to be organized, very organized... and not rely on your classmates.

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    Good luck everyone.

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    i'm on my 4th semester, if you have any questions feel free to ask

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    Quote from delawaremalenurse is this discrimination? It sounds like a misunderstanding to me...
    yup, its not discrimination. Just plain stupidity of that nurse.

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    Post the Question here. I have a Bachelor's in engineering and have more than 30 units of pure math. Dose calc is like a joke. Just plain addition/multiplication/division.

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    Quote from Ackeem
    In the first week of nursing school there was this one girl in my class of 36 (me the only guy) that stared at me everyday. My initial thought was that she taught i was weird that a guy was in such a fileld of work. A week later we were given group projects and me and this girl ended up in the same group. The same day we were assign the project we had a group meeting to discuss how we were going to present and so on, long story short in the mids of the group meeting this girl came out of no where and said " hey do you have a girlfriend". I was shocked, I didn't respond and as I was about to, another group member brought up something about the project then 10 minutes later the meeting was adjourn and we went our separate ways, that was the most ackward moment ever. 2 days latér that same girl saw me one a way and asked me the same question and i said no then she took my number, and we started texting for like a week the attraction was obvious long story She wanted me and I didn't end up dating her because I new it wouldn't end well considering me and this girl would be in the same class for 4 years.
    Shes probably ugly.
    Half of the girls in my class are hot. If I was single and any of those hot girls approaches me..i'll be like..SURE WHY NOT? If we break up before graduating..I think I can handle that.

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    Quote from kntdoneyet
    well. I broke many cardinal rules. I hooked up with a married woman. She was in a failing marriage, but never mentioned divorce. So I didn't think I had anything to worry about. Until she told her husband(who was cheating on her for many years). And he filed for a divorce. Did I mention we both applied to the same nursing program and that I was her tutor for both her a and p classes. My fears were made reality when we both got in, and we were in three out of four classes together. I tried to back of, saying I didn't have time to be FWB. But she wouldn't back off. She would try to cuddle during clinical rotation, while noone was looking, and I felt uncomfortable talking to any girls, thinking she would cause a scene. I basically isolated myself from all my classmates because of her. I was finally put at ease at the end of this semester when I found out she failed clinical. This means she is being held back a semester, so i'm in the clear.
    Is she pretty and hot? if not then yah good riddance..

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    congrats!!! you are not old... im gonna be 34 in 2 weeks

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    Officially? No. Unofficially? Yes. I was the only man in my nursing school (yes the whole school all classes). It seems to me that they bent over back wards to help me get in and while I don't think any admission standards where broken, they may have been bent a little. They hadn't had a male for several years at the time I applied to the LPN to RN program. It may also been cause my veteran status, or maybe my status as a former dairy farmer (this is Americans Dairyland).
    only male student in the whole school?!!!! AWESOME!!!

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    Quote from qcc2011grad
    LOL yes some women can be crazy. snacks that is soo thoughful I bake cookies for the guys I'm interested in. I also bake the same cookies full of love to my best friend, my family for me is a sign of affection.

    As far as the other one she is the female version of bugg o boo ewww. When I was in nursing school guys would hit on me but once they knew I had a boyfriend they would change it was a funny .

    Please dont burn me up but before nursing school I though all male nurses where gay so I was very surprised that the where not. I know I know stereotyping but if your not expose to that male nurse population and the few counted ones happened to be gay you thing on guess they must be gay now I know better. Open mind Open heart .
    you're probably cute :redpinkhe

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    I don't think my being male had any factor in me getting accepted in nursing school. its all about the test scores and other requirements.

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    the scrubs i ordered from school is size L (female size). But the shirt came out too big for me. So i went to a scrubs store and bought the same design and color scrub shirts for $10 each (Dickies brand), Dickies size M (female size) fits me well, my waist is 36 and chest is 40 so im guessing size S will fit you. The school scrubs have the school logo on the left chest but nobody notices that my Dickies scrub didn't have the logo.