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    When I am in the middle of a storm, these words swirl through my head and have become quite comforting. "Never quit. Always make them fire you as you will be eligible for unemployment". Music therapy was my first step toward overcoming panic attacks.
    A prayer for the broken, beat and scarred. What don't kill you makes you more humble, in tune with the ill, and more
    empathetic. Learning the frenzied pace is NOT comforting to the scared and suffering. It comes off as cold and uncaring.

    The power of God protects us,
    The presence of God watches over us,
    Wherever we are, God is,
    And where God is, all is well.

    We are few against many. Your Sister of Mercy *hugs*

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    I did Western Schools for years, too expensive and too long. Go here... $34.95 unlimited CEU's for a year. Limited offer March 1- 31, 2013 2 years unlimited, 2 days left lol. You can keep the windows open and go back for review. It also has the required states courses.

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    Indian Hospitals, they are on reservations in multiple states. They are run by military who wear the military uniform. They are there to "protect them" and some wear guns. You can not live on the reservation and have to drive forever from your housing with nothing there if you break down, and no cell service. I have not been made aware of any place else, but there must be others that you can use your own state's license.

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    You were the fall guy, plain and simple. You are well rid of that place on all levels. Do not let any authority figure attempt to pull the wool over your eyes, no matter how angry they get. They work for corporations, not patients.

    Stay Calm, you don't know the real story. I know of 4 LTC facilities that are going to fire the LPN's just to hire RN's so they will be reimbursed more money. It's not about you!! Take comfort in the fact you did no harm.


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    I had to move out of state just after graduating. I lost all contacts and had to grab the first job, LTC. Guess what? I can not get out of LTC. The first week I thought I would go brain dead, as it is not for an RN. It is a Med Tech job.

    I can understand the stress building, after all the years, blood sweat and tears it takes to get to where many many many women can not.

    After scouring for jobs that were not there since 2007, I have been told by 98% of HR's I must have 1 or 2 recent years experience in the specific unit I am applying for.

    Whatever happens I wish the best for you both, and no worries for baby! You are very lucky, as I had waited too long and now the thing I wanted most in life has past me by because I was caught up in the bills and not having a life.

    With all the countries going bankrupt and their banks stealing deposits, I guess we're pretty darn lucky.

    God Bless!

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    I have been unemployed over a year. My previous DON stated "We're not allowed to give out references". Ok. Now a travel employer wants 2 references other than dates of employment. She stated 65% of past employers will only give dates of employment, which I know is the law. She is requesting "if I showed up to work, etc. and that is what the new employer wants to know". What gives? This is not right the past employer will not state I was there everyday and also worked for call-offs. Don't the new employers know they are not allowed more than the dates of employment as they can't give out anything but dates of employment themselves? One travel agency wanted a letter of recommendation from a past travel job, I never heard of that. I've been a nurse over 15 years and have never heard of employers giving out a letter of recommendation. Are they just short staffed too? It's past time for me to get off of unemployment benefits and start working but I can't find a job. Yes I'm happy for the great unemployment check which is 3x larger than what I used to make 40 hours minimum wage, but I want to work.