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    Well, I have been a R.N. for over 40 yrs by now.. making me an "ole timer"
    who has done Everything you can do in nursing

    med surg, (every type of unit, er/ms/ob/or/etc), 17 yrs psych, prison nursing,
    instructor for nurses,10 yrs of computer nursing for hmo company,
    and guess that it about it.

    I too was laid off from the computer job, they closed their doors last year after 10 yrs. And, as someone said, back to other jobs, psych is back for me.

    However, I have spent the last 10 yrs while working weekend/16 hrs shifts as an RN, exploring my own home based business and have become quite the Internet Guru.

    I will always be a RN even if only in my heart, because I believe it is a calling and it is certainly not for those who want to have an easy job for sure.

    Even after all of these years, I have never lost my idealizm and also my love for helping people.


    Quote from NurCrystal22
    Hello, I like to share conversations with you all that come up at work, because you always come up with interesting answers. The questions of the day was "If you could no longer be a nurse, what would you do?" I had to think about this for awhile. I love taking care of people and helping them, so I guess my next choice would be teaching. What about all of you? If you woke up tomorrow and you were no longer a nurse? What would you do? And what would you want to be? :chuckle


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    Diploma nurses were way back in the 60s before Degrees, associates/or bachelor degrees. We went to schools that were connected to hospitals and they were hands on and classes 1/2 of the day with lots of work but great experience and the doctors and hospitals really liked them because of very little training when they graduated.

    I wonder if they even exist now. Don't think so. They had to upgrade to degrees.

    The one thing that I would encourage you to do, is Study, Study, Study
    and Stay Devoted to Ideals and treating people the way you would want to be treated yourself.

    Actually using principles of the Bible will do.

    Quote from CNM2B
    I'm a nursing student and I've heard of diploma nurses, but only thanks to this site!!! Welcome...your experience will be invaluable here!

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    From my observation:
    Depending on what you want to do when you finish school and go to work as a Nurse.

    If you are going to be a Nurse in the hospital clinical setting, then an Associate and or the BSN will work. If you want any type of management you will have to have a BSN and eventually a Masters Degree.

    It seems as though, in nursing you can be much more flexible and versatile then the corporate world. Experience does seem to be a factor for sure, but if you are a new graduate, most hospitals have programs to help you get started in the work world.

    Quote from tutulu
    i am applying to CC nursing schools. i'd like to know if which nursing school one finishes from matters as much as it does in the corporate world for example. i know a degree from an top school without experience would give one greater chances of employment than one with a degree from school that's not top but lots of experience. is this the same with nursing?????? or is it a matter of being licensed and experience?????

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    Quote from Ari RN
    Wow, you've been all over!

    I plan on doing the same.
    There are so many different paths to take within nursing.

    It's a good thing you found this site. You can enlighten us with your experience.

    Oh, all most forgot to Welcome you to All Nurses!
    Yes, all over Il and Fl and Nursing for sure.
    I too am excited that I found the site and can share my experience and also learn from you too.

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    being that you are 17, you have a lot of good choices and time to prepare for your career.

    nursing is a very worthwhile profession and is probably the most demanding but rewarding career you could choose. and offers the most flexibility of any type of job you could do with the mobility of anywhere in the us for sure.

    depending on the state and the need of nurses, is a lot of what depends on the salary that you will see. i just ran into a site tonight that gave salaries for nursing. this should give you a good idea about different parts of the country.

    and, good luck with your education. good to go to associates and then ladder program if you want to go to work in 2 yrs and then finish your bs.

    judy rn

    Quote from andreamae
    i'm 17 and i'll be starting college next fall. i know for sure i want a bsn. i also want to specialize in emergency nursing. how do i do this? does the college i attend have to have a special program? can anyone tell me how much a nurse with a 4 year degree and a specialty might make annually? i know there are a lot of factors that could affect that, but does anyone have an estimate?

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    Just a quick note about how great it is to find a site for nursing forum.

    My original Nursing was in the 60's, wow. Too many years. Diploma nurse
    the younger nurses probably have never heard of a diploma nurse. But I graduated from St. John's School of Nursing in Springfield, Il. ( 3 years, summer long and work in the hospital with school too).

    Then, I finished my Associates, BA, BSN, and Masters in Secondary Education in 1982. And, I have done it all: ( MS, Peds, OR, ER, CD, Worked in a Min Med Prison, OB, etc. oh yes 17 yrs psych, and 8 yrs of Computer Phone Nursing and 5 yrs of teaching Nursing in all the areas.

    Now I am into alternative, health and wellness plus I have been facinated by the internet for over 7 yrs and have started over 3 businesses successfully online.

    Well, that is quite a history. But, overall I still am very proud to be a RN and also have the same ideals that were way back then.

    I am looking forward to sharing my nursing experiences and hopes and dreams with you.