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    Hi guys. I QUITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! And it feels so good. Syracnurse, I recently endured your past pain. Trust me. I do not talk about other people behind thier back. Although I stay to myself, I like to talk my problems out with others face to face. That way they'll get facts and not misinterpeted gossip. Some people I know you can't do that with, so I just stay my distance. Like in my past job. After reading doc's post about bullying, I realize I was a victim. I came to work to learn. And that was very hard to do while this person was talking about her material things and how much she paid for them.( also talking about me). Anyways, I have a new job. extremely happy. And believe me guys, I really really do appreciate your supportive words during this diffcult time.
    I hope I don't step on anyone toes by saying this, but I was reading the MNM post. Don't you all think it would be a good ideal to clean up our own house before we try to clean up the whole field. I mean try organizing a gossip-free, nonbackstabbing- more new grad support- less blaming- etc... work environment and then go out and take on the rest of the world as a family.

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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys sooooooooo much for your supportive and kinds words. You all just don't know how out of place I feel. I am strongly considering terminating my employment at this facility. It is a sad situation. Will keep you all posted.

    Again, thanks

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    Have anyone ever figured out why nurses gossip so dam much? I have been out of the field for a while. When I returned, I noticed my skills were limited. So I had to go into orientation as a new nurse. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know when someone is talking about you. My preceptor sends me down the hall to to check on a patient. When I unexpectly come out of the room, they hurry up and break from their little gossipy huttle. It really burns me up because I am very quite and stay to myself. And if I had something to say to someone I like to get very "UP, CLOSE, and PERSONAL." That way they won't get the message backwards. I hate that you said and I said mess. They are really making me dislike my career choice. My patients loves me.

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    I am presently considering going for my bsn. I already have a ad. I will be attending a transitional program that would allow me to do this in 1 year. I don't think that 1 year would make no difference in my clinical skills. It would prepare more as far as theory is concern. It would teach me managerial skills. But a change in my degree will not make me no different. I don't care if you just got out of school with a bsn, adn, lpn, or cna, cashier ( whatever). Learning is learning for us all when we have someone ( nursing instructor) there correcting our mistakes. but once they let us go into the real world world we are all on the same level "TRYING" to apply what we have learned. So go and take 4 years of your time and study for bsn and when you finish come be my supervisor. But if anything were to happen to me and I had to leave, would you have enough skills to properly care for my patients. NO. just the basic knowledge that I acquired in my 2 year program. So you see it really doesnt make a difference. We are all paid the same.

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    Excuse me, but did you refer to me as a NA or LPN? If so, please let me know so I can correct you.

    Little did I know that the student you are referring to with all that excitement and all that energy, has been " working closely with nurses for five years." Technically she is in there. Therefore, don't you think that bond you believe she may create should have been created by now.
    Yes, I am on the outside looking in. But I enjoy visiting this forum and reading issues concerning nurses as well as every other RN; regardless of how long I graduated. It was'nt until an unfair statement about housewives was made that triggered me to write. I personally don't care if you don't like it. I don't care if she does'nt like it. SHE WAS WRONG.

    You made the statement that I was unhappy with my decision to stay at home as oppose to starting my career. I would like to take this opportunity to refer you to my original post. QUESTION.......... DOES THAT SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS UNHAPPY??????? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

    In closing, you ask me to chill and I will just that.(SO much for creating a bond).

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    Originally posted by TRN:
    Well, angelnurse, I HAVE been in the healthcare field for over five years and I have to say that in my experience I have personally SEEN more nurses complaining but not doing much, rather than a nurse actually trying to change things. My observations are not from the outside looking in at all. I have worked closely with nurses for a long time. It's just that all of these forums are filled with nurses who complain and that's it. I did already suggest some ideas, such as writing to congress, ANA, etc. about the conditions. No, one letter will not work, but continuous letters may get some attention. I am just very discouraged because I see nurses complain in these forums, AND AT WORK, but never once has anyone said, " are my suggestions." Don't you agree that we HAVE to keep trying and trying??? If not for us, at least the for the patients???? I don't think we should give up! That's my point. Venting is wonderful, but we should bond together and have a postive forum where we bounce ideas off each other. Our profession is not respected as it should be and its our own fault. For all of you that have tried something....wonderful. My message was for those who do not, but complain. I am not going to apologize for having high hopes. Sometime, somewhere, things are going to have to change, because our patients are suffering. How about our nursing researchers doing a study on the effects of high patient ratios? It could document all the things that are not done due to time restraints. Well, I will keep my hopes up. I want respect for our profession and safer environments. If we give up...will we ever get it? Be glad I'm on your side! ;-)
    Yes trn, I should be glad you are on my side. But after the harsh statements about my profession( one in which my reward comes from within), I have to do the unfortunate gesture of deciding exactly which side is good or bad one. You made a totally unfair statement about housewives, trn. There's a lot of work that goes into what I do. No, I am not looking for an apology for your " high hope."
    I really appreciate your "high hopes." It's just your negative opinion about individuals(Housewives)that you probably don't understand. You were wrong!.........(R-O-N-G)

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your ideals. Little did I know that you were in the health field for five years. And you are right, we should have a positive forum. But where do you think it starts? I'll tell you where it starts.........right where you are( FROM WITHIN )! In my opinion, these negative statements that are vented on this forum is not a dislike for the profession, but built up frustration from those who have tried to venture for a respectable field from different avenues; only to fall on deaf ear.

    You see trn, there is a LOT of competition amongts us nurses. You read these post, as well as I do. You witness first hand, nurses personal opinions about one another. For example, "BSN vs ADN", "why her salary is less or more than mine" etc. Do you think for one minute we can venture towards a respectable profession with all this going on? How can we build ANYTHING with someone we are constantly looking for flaws in? You said youself, you work with nurses who do nothing but complain. Well, have you ever pulled these complaing nurses aside and asked them for a few minutes of their time to discuss what would it take to resolve their complaint? Have you ever ask them to meet with others nurses who have similiar complaints and together they can find solutions? (A small intervention such as that would have created a wonderful bond that is much needed) In all actuality, you did the exact same thing you critize these nurses of doing. You witness a problem (nurses complaining and doing nothing)and you came to this forum and voiced your complaint. But nothing was actually done.

    In closing, everyone has ideals that they believe will work. It is nice to say do this; do that; try this and try that. But has anyone tried something that ACTUALLY worked for thier establishment? If so, please post. ( Even if it did'nt work, please post). WE NEED THAT INSIDE BOND!........WE NEED TO LEARN TO LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER..........IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT OR PROBLEM WITH ME, PLEASE TELL ME!(NOT THE OTHER NURSES) I'LL TRY.

    """"""""""LET'S CREATE THE INSIDE BOND"""""""

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    First of all trn, I am a housewife who is neither lazy nor nagging. I graduated from nursing school last year with a BSN degree. While attending nursing school, I became pregnant. I delivered my baby 3 months after graduation. It was for the well-being of my child that I choose to become a housewife, who is neither lazy nor nagging. I don't know if you have kids trn, but nothing takes the place of seeing those few little bunny rabbits that greets you every morning. Nothing takes the place of seeing this kid crawl around in circles and clapping his hands at the sound of the sesame street song. ( I can go on and on )

    I understand you are presently in nursing school. Well trn, it is very easy to say what you are going to do when you are on the outside looking in. These nurses are there sweetie. They KNOW administrators are not listening, they KNOW nurses are eating their young etc. If anything, you should feel appreciated for having some insight about the "INFAMOUS REAL WORLD" your instructors are presently drilling in you and stop being so harsh.

    I personally believe if you have some magnificient ideal that can change all of these current complaints and problems that our fellow nurses are enduring, POST IT! Let them try it first and see if it works. That way when you (and many others students) graduate and I enter the field, IT WOULD BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND PROBLEM FREE. After all, your exact words were "I am going to make a difference." So why not start now, we are all eyes and ears.

    Thank You

    Originally posted by TRN:
    I have a question......why is it that in all of these message forums I see nurses complain about their work but fail to suggest any ideas for improvement? I read many of you speaking of unions....have any of you tried to implement your ideas??? No wonder we are not respected. We sit and complain, but do nothing. Who would repesct that?? Let me give you some advice....DO SOMETHING and stop complaining. Write letters to the government, join ANA, get petitions started....anything to show administration we are serious. I don't mean to be rude, but you all sound like a bunch of lazy, nagging housewives. Remember Nurses...we are trained professionals who are educated to DO something. Write to newpapers about the horrible conditions. Anything! I'm a student nurse and I see the situation is bad, but I can guarantee you I will find ways to change it. And no, that is not idealistic, it's proactive. The ones who sit back and complain but do nothing should be ashamed of themself. Sorry if this message sounds harsh but I've heard enough and the truth may hurt...but maybe this will motivate someone to ge a little more involved. Do you think doctors or lawyers would sit and do nothing? No, because they are we all are. PLease ladies and gentlemen, let's start discussing ideas and pull together. We should be proud of our profession.