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    now i dunno what am gonna do... will i just have to assume that pearson vue trick is true? ... coz it let me register ... and the BON told me i need to wait 2wks more to get the result of my exam im so confused ..

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    Hello everyone ! ... I took the nclex exam last march 30 with 75questions and I am still waiting for the result.. my friend told me about pearson vue trick... and i tried it.. and let me register and went through all the way to the credit card payment ... I called the california board of nursing before i took that pearson vue trick.. and they told me to wait for 2wks more coz the result are not yet released , I feel devastated now about that pearson vue trick...feels like i really failed my exam.. now i dont know what to do if i still believe that there is a little chance that i passed or my heart feels like its gonna burst out in tears