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    I studied the Teas V manual for a month. I failed anyway. I've taken 6 science courses at National University, my lowest grade being an A-. My GPA is a 3.8. I failed the science portion of the test. Surprise! I paid $1385 per science class, add the $100-$150 for each textbook, do you see where I'm going with this. You'd think that investing time, money and one's life into this, results would show but no.

    I'm hear to tell you some things to study for specifically on this exam, something that no one at National University told-TAUGHT me. You are more then welcome. 1. Study Earth & Physical Sciences, 14 questions on this topic; 2. Life Science, 15 questions; 3. Scientific Reasoning, 8 questions; 4. Human Body Science, 11 questions. 48 total science questions.

    TEAS Study Manual V, science portion know all of it, don't count on your instructors to help. There were less than 10 questions on this exam from what I learned in the last 6 months. After adding up my scores on the TEAS exam my addition/division says I passed. But the computer program says I didn't. I scored above the national and program average in three of the four subjects. What can you do, the computer says one thing you see another.

    I don't think I'll pursue my career at National University. Their program is way to expensive, $25,000. Which doesn't include all your costs. I may pursue it at CSN or NSU, paying less but getting more from an accredited institution. I know I can contribute greatly to this field, as I adore all facets of learning and the human body. I hope this helps someone. Good Luck, Peeps!!!