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    I'm a CNA at an ALF. I went in Sunday night for my shift and the new day shift nurse was still handing out her evening meds. The night shift nurse had just arrived and began helping her get finished.
    Next thing I know, day shift nurse walks out of a resident's room, stops, then screams out, "I just gave that resident another resident's pills!!"

    To make a long story short, we kept an extremely close eye on this particular resident all night because she has normal BP but one of the pills given to her was for high BP. It rode very low all night; she felt terrible. Thankfully, we didn't have to send her out but it was still a highly stressful night.

    The nurse received no disciplinary action and that really bothers me. She didn't even show remorse. She just went home and didn't even call to check on the resident. Have you guys ever experienced this? How was it handled?

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    You just wrote the story of my life! My sweat even sweats at work. I stay pretty much miserable in the summertime and you're right, management doesn't give a damn.

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    Congrats! Don't feel guilty, enjoy this milestone!

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    I've heard fairly decent things about Emory. I actually know a couple of nurses & CNA'S that worked there and they said it was alright.

    Congrats on the new job! Good luck!

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    You're in the home stretch!! Just keep up the good work and you got this!

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    Whaa? My mind is blown. This is pretty cool!

  • 0 is a great website. It'll give you a good idea what you'll be making.

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    4 days? There's no way you can learn everything you need to know in that amount of time.

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    I work Fri, Sat, and Sun 7p-7a. Thursday evening I take a long nap so I can stay up most of the night and sleep all day Friday. Then on Monday mornings I sleep until around 11a and make myself get up and get back on schedule.
    Some people can't flip flop but I can no problem. I couldn't handle nights if I didn't.

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    Since you already work the night shift, it should be pretty easy to adjust to this schedule. I work three straight twelves and I can't do anything on those days except sleep, eat, and work. At least on eight hour shifts you could get off that morning and do everything you need to do then get some sleep or do everything in the afternoon before work. It's a lot better than being jobless, IMO.

    Good luck!

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    It sounds like they did you a favor. No one should have to work in a toxic environment like that. Pick yourself back up and move on.

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    Quote from Sarahejones91
    Hey all! I am currently a CNA student and for an assignment, I was asked to interview CNAs about their career. So I was wondering if any of you could please answer these questions for me? Thank you so much!
    1. What are the cons of being a CNA?
    2. What are the pros of being a CNA?
    3. Are you happy with your career decision or do you regret it?
    4. How long have you been a CNA and where have you worked?
    5. Have you ever thought about furthering your career? For example, going back to school to become an LPN or RN?
    6. What made you decide to work in the medical field?
    7. What type of facility would you rather work at and why? (For example: Long Term Care Facility, Hospice, Hospital, Assisted Living, etc...)
    8. Do you deal with combative patients a lot? If so, how do you usually deal with them?
    9. Do you ever feel unappreciated by nurses or patients and/or underpaid?
    10. What is your least favorite task and favorite task and why? Or, what tasks do you think you are most skilled at or least skilled at? (such as feeding, bathing, vital signs, pericare & catheter care etc...)
    11. Have you ever sustained an injury at work (such as back injury or needle-stick injury)? If so, were you injured because of a mistake you made or a mistake that someone else such as a nurse made or was it just an accident?
    12. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation or have you ever made a mistake while on the job? If so, please explain what happened and how it was handled.
    13. What kind of training did you receive to become a CNA?
    14. What is one of your favorite and worst memories of being a CNA?
    15. Were you nervous or scared when you started your first job as a CNA? If so, please explain why.
    1) You are grossly unappreciated as a CNA and highly underpaid. It's also easy to injure yourself if you don't use proper body mechanics.

    2) Getting to take care of patients! I love my Alzheimer's patients dearly. Also, gaining invaluable experience if you wish to go on and become a nurse.

    3) No, I'm very happy I became a CNA. I'm starting LPN school in the fall and I have learned sooo much from my training and my job.

    4) I've been a CNA for 1 year and 4 months. I started my job in an Alzheimer's unit of an assisted living facility 2 weeks before I passed my state test and I'm still employed there.

    5) Yes. I'm starting LPN school in September then later doing a LPN-RN bridge program.

    6) My Mom was a CNA for a long time. After growing up and seeing what she did for a living, I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

    7) I work in assisted living facility but I wouldn't recommend it. If you read any of my other posts you'll see why. But I think if you want to go on and become a nurse your best bet is try to get employment at a hospital. You'll learn many more skills that'll help you further down the line (like phlebotomy and EKG).

    8) Lord, yes. I've been bit, kicked, slapped, punched, spit on, etc. I've learned to get away from the patient if possible. Give them (and you) time to cool off and come back and try it again. If they're still combative, you may need some help.

    9) I work with Alzheimer's residents so I know if they were in their right mind, they'd appreciate it. The nurses are wonderful where I work and they agree we're underpaid. Family members have belittled me more than anyone.

    10) I have low tolerance for vomit. When I see it, it tests my gag reflex. But that's the only thing that bothers me. I don't necessarily have a favorite task, I just love knowing my residents are dry and content.

    11) No, but sometimes after my three 12 hour shifts I almost have to crawl out of bed because my back is in such a bind.

    12) Not yet, fortunately.

    13) I took a 6 week program at a technical school.

    14) There's too many too count! You gather a bunch of memories while being an aide.

    15) No, not really. I felt like my training got me pretty well prepared.

    Hope this helped! Good luck!

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    This was a refreshing post. You can only read so many posts about how much people hate their jobs before you feel like gagging.

    Congrats on your new job & I hope you continue to love it.