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  • May 4 '14

    Another book you'll really, really like is called "Creative Aggression." Do not let the title scare you. As a matter of fact, that's exactly why you need and you'll love this book. It made a lot of difference to me when I was trying to figure out how to do what you're being asked to do.

    Here's a link to get a copy used at Amazon for pennies.

    Creative Aggression - the Art of Assertive Living: George R. Bach: 9780380426553: Books

  • May 4 '14

    I'm still like you. Some of the time. I think we all are. Just getting along gets a bad wrap. It has its place.
    Other times, I accept somebody's going to get upset.
    Either me at myself for being a sissy, or the other person because I stood up.

    Try not to be afraid of everything.

  • May 4 '14

    I think there are courses for that. Assertiveness training, management skills, etc. Do a search on what courses might be coming up in your area and ask your manager if you can get this funded.

    Meanwhile, repeat after me: I am a grownup. I am professional. I trust my own judgement.

    Also, check out books by Albert Ellis, the psychologist who developed Rational-Emotive Therapy. He taught people to challenge their need to be liked and approved of by everyone. Good luck!

  • Dec 10 '12

    Yeah, so we both work holidays. Get over it.

  • Mar 29 '12

    Quote from TooterIA
    In my hospital, PRNs make the same as all the other nurses. In my opinion they should make the same since when they are at work they are doing the exact same job as the rest of us.
    Yes, but "the rest of you" get benefits - insurance, retirement, vacation, sick pay, etc. PRN employees do not get this, so they get extra hourly pay to compensate (most places, and I wouldn't work for a place that didn't do this for their PRN employees). Without the extra hourly pay, the PRN employees are making LESS for the "exact same job".