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  • Dec 13 '12

    The year did go by fast. Fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone. Im taking the teas again on the 20th and I will probally apply that night or the day after. Anyone know what to put for the grade if you tested out of a class. I took the accuplacer for math and Im not sure if I should just not put anything down for the grade.

  • Dec 12 '12

    Toonsis: naugatuck for first choice and northwestern for second. Have you submitted the application yet?

  • Jul 2 '12

    Hello everyone, I took my NCLEX this past Friday on 06/29, finished in about 90 minutes at 75 questions. An hour after, I got the good popup with the PVT trick. I waited the dreadful 48 hours and I checked my quick result and found out I passed. I'm ecstatic right now and thank God. The past 6 weeks have been the toughest in my life and if you are able to focus, stay committed, and do your part, you will pass.

  • Jun 22 '12

    Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have impacted the delivery of healthcare in a positively beneficial manner in multiple countries for many years. In fact, the role of the LPN has been in existence for several generations. However, LPNs remain largely misunderstood in the sphere of nursing, and this can be evidenced by the boldly inaccurate statements that are routinely made by other nurses and members of the public.

    The rampant spread of distorted information about LPNs can be traced back to numerous people, some of whom have never even worked one day in the healthcare field. A few of the most persistent myths regarding LPNs are listed below.

    Myth #1: LPNs are not real nurses.

    Some individuals have made light of the LPN acronym and have insisted that it stands for 'Little Pretend Nurse.' Other people have bluntly stated that LPNs are not real nurses. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

    A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a nurse who has successfully completed a practical nursing program, and has passed the NCLEX-PN, the state licensing exam (Palm Beach State College, n.d.). LPNs are definitely nurses who are valid members of the nursing profession. After all, what do people really think that the 'N' in 'LPN' represents?

    Myth #2: LPNs are not equipped to care for patients.

    Some nurse managers, leaders of nursing organizations, and nursing educators have expressed their opinions that LPNs are not adequately equipped to provide care to patients due to the complex nature of the different disease processes that present to the healthcare system. However, LPNs have completed a high proportion of hands-on clinical hours during their training programs.

    They have been able to hold their own as nurses in multiple practice settings, including acute care, long-term care, psychiatric nursing, jail
    /prison nursing, home health, private duty, rehab nursing, and so forth. They have also been more than capable of learning about the complex issues that afflict their patients.

    Myth number three: All LPNs secretly wish they could be RNs.

    It is true that many LPNs want to be registered nurses (RNs), and some are actively pursuing their goals by returning to school. However, there are many nurses who are perfectly satisfied with their careers as LPNs, and therefore, have no burning desire to become RNs.

    Some people would say, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to stay an LPN?" These people need to be reminded that practical nursing is a respectable career pathway that has satisfied many LPNs professionally and personally.

    The overriding goal of this four-part essay is to debunk and/or challenge the deeply ingrained misconceptions about LPNs. Please do not hesitate to correct the next person who says something blatantly inaccurate about the LPN workforce. Each and every one of us shares some responsibility for putting a stop to the myths, lies, and insults regarding LPNs. We can make a difference, one person at a time.

  • Apr 12 '12

    Me too! I've just gotten my acceptance letter yesterday for NVCC! Who else has gotten accepted?

  • Apr 12 '12

    hi guys i am a silent reader of this forum but i am very excited to get into the nursing program. i just received my acceptance letter for NCC. i want to congratulate all that made it and pray for those who didn't.don't loosehope just keep trying your day will come.
    god bless!!

  • Apr 12 '12

    I'm in!!!!! At NVCC!!! Sooooo happy!!! Thanks guys!!!! It was a long bumpy road, now we made it have fun everyone and don't forget all the deadlines!!!!

  • Apr 12 '12
  • Apr 11 '12

    Bout to cry, not only did I get into nvcc, I also just received my financial aid report and they (nvcc) gave me $5200 for fall and spring, beyond blessed, thank you Lord

  • Apr 11 '12

    Omggggggg got into gateway!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring 2013

  • Apr 11 '12

    Im accepted for the fall start at TRCC!!! A&p-A, TEAS-85.3, GPA-3.7 Congrats to all who have made it, those waitlisted-there is still hope for a seat and those who did not make it, keep trying, you can do it!

  • Apr 11 '12

    I swear my mail man was playing mind games with me because he came twice. The first time I just got a package, no letters. The second time I got my acceptance letter, phew, so relieved!! Who else is in at NVCC? Congrats to all who have posted acceptance

  • Apr 11 '12


    my mail just came and I got accepted to Gateway but some lucky person on the wait-list will be smiling because I also got into Bridgeport which I much prefer because its closer to me. I got accepted for the spring so ur wait-list number is one closer.

  • Apr 11 '12

    I did it! Just got my letter! I've been accepted into Capital!!!

  • Apr 11 '12

    I am in for GCC. GPA: 3.8, AP1:A, TEAS: 88. What a relief....