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    I have been an oncology nurse for more than a year in an Outpatient setting, working under orders from several different oncologists.
    I, too, was worried about oncology nursing as I had never had any experience in this field. (It was a requirement of the department that I become oncology certified.)
    I have found it to be very rewarding. The best advice I can offer to you is to learn to listen. My chemotherapy patients love to tell stories about their lives. I've met some very interesting people, including a man who was a sailor in the USS Arizona when it was bombed. And even though not every patient is cured, I feel like I have made a difference in their lives by helping them come to terms with their mortality. I also am very honored and humbled when they share their stories. I think every nurse should have the opportunity to experience oncology nursing. I think it's made me a much better nurse.