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    I am SHOCKED that I am the first to bring this up...It's up to the Dept. Of Professional Regulations in the state that YOU practice in, whether they will accept an accredited online course!

    Here in Illinois for example, online Nursing degrees are NOT acceptable!

    I know someone who wasted a ton of time getting a degree that our state does not recognize!

    You may take online classes through the traditional universities, but not the adds you see "Lpn to RN online now"
    Or earn your BSN or MSN online...

    It's up to your state...

    ps, as BSN here gets you about 25cents more an hour then the ADN...

    Hope this helps

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    First of all, you didn't "Fail" your were following orders (although I get it) but secondly, WHAT STATE DO YOU PRACTICE IN? I have been a Nurse for 17 years and NEVER have I heart of having to "Qualify" for DNR status! I'm in Illinois, a 20 yr old can be a DNR!

    That is VERY sad! but as you also know, ribs break when CPR is performed...I've even broke a few noses, when I couldn't get a good seal from the Ambu bag-

    I believe in a "Good Death" I also think we need to educate families on "Quality" of life vs "Quantity"

    I have a Sister that hasn't spoken to me since outr father died...He was in Multi system organ failure, and lungs were FULL of fluids...I asked the DOC for Morphine Sulfate for "Resp Distress" which thay gave to ease my Fathers suffering, he passed after a few doses, PEACEFULLY! As We Nurses know M.S. is a resp supressant, and can ease the transition (helps the family too, nobody wants to remember the final hours of with their loved one, DROWNING!) it's VERY taumatic!

    We put horses, and dogs and cats down for FAR LESS!!! I'm not advocating euthinasesa, but when you KNOW that the person is NOT going to survive, lets give them comfort!!! and make the transition a smooth one!

    I know this is controverseal, and I may even get some haters for this, but it's my opinion...