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    Thank you for all the replies, especially to change my contact info! which i did do. I am very happy with my new position, school is going well, but ideally i would like to go to school to become a nurse anesthetist that is my reasoning to give up so much right now in order to join the icu. of course admission to anesthetist school is not always guaranteed and in most cases you need more than 3 years experience in order to be considered. i'm going to go on the interview and at least see if i have the option to finish the semester. I'm still up in the air b/c def feel like i'm risking too many positive things.

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    Hi everybody, I recently graduated from a 4 year university with my bsn in may. While going to school undergrad I worked as a nurse's aide on an oncology floor. this hospital paid 15k towards my education and guaranteed me a job after graduation. I started there in august and have been working on the floor for 7 months. I have to work for them for another 1.5 in order to keep the money they gave me for school. In the meanwhile i got into a fast track program that allowed me to begin my np degree without taking my GREs. I've already completed 3 classes ( I am currently in 2)...
    one of my undergrad professors who does not know i already have an rn job emailed me telling me that MGH is starting a new grad icu program. I decided to apply to it considering i've always wanted to work in the icu and have thought about becoming a crna. MGH called me and set up an interview. The program consists doing a 6 mo residency program only getting paid 11.40/h. after the 6 mo you are guaranteed an icu job making 30/h The dilemma I am having is that if I quit my oncology job I will have to pay back 15k and possibly withdraw from the 2 np classes I am taking now. In addition I am taking a huge cut in pay for 6mo. all in all costing me 35k (thius includes the 15 i have to pay back to my current place of employment and money i may lose out on with school.) any opinions? I know it is hard to get into an icu as a new grad so if i am offered a job should i do it and not worry about the money. I am living in a rent free situation right now, but it still is 35k in the hole.