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    Pre-reqs was fine, then Funds came around and the ONLY instructor who teaches it is one useless person, and with her passive-aggressive attitude once you ****** her off...oh no. Memorize the book from page 1 to the end. The instructor doesn't help you either. Here's food for thought when I was going through this hell ...the morning class examinations were easier then the afternoon class. 1 person failed in the morning class and about 8-10 people failed the afternoon class.
    Test questions were absolutely randomized; you'd study 6 chapters and 80% of the test will be about one chapter. It was never balanced. They treat students like grade school kids too. A proctor? Really come on. For $120,000....I expect to be treated more professionally and respected. They're just a business men who know nothing about running a good nursing program, just HOW to sucker you to get in.

    The community is a whole different story. Half the people there are clueless. If you decide to go here, please, please affliate yourself with the smart/serious crowd even though they seem like ********. The clueless individuals drag you down with them with their pessimistic attitude, lack of comprehension on how serious everything is, and poor study skills in which they expect you to help which you kindly say **** off. Then there's that awkwardness since you see these people everyday. Bad vibes = distractions...distractions = your performance declines. I was a victim of this.

    You must REALLY want it to proceed at WCU. The school isn't that great + $120k + teaching yourself. Ask yourself if you REALLY want to become a nurse. I did not pass by 0.8% and I'm GLAD. The lab hinted me that this career was not for me, and a short speech a substitute told us drastically changed my decision. She told us the "behind the scenes"/ "dark side" on what goes on in the hospital, etc. I personally didn't like it too much. So, I quit and now I'm very happy back to normal University (CSULA) as a Business major. Maybe I can work for WCU one day and sucker people into getting into the program. Haha .

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    ^Yes. Definitely a couple books at least that already has the material outlined. I have the Hogan (red) book right now and I'm going to start reading it plus doing nclex style questions. Still waiting on my fundamentals success book.

    I think it was easier to just ask if anyone passed using other books, lol.

    I have a new fond respect to whoever is taking a term like mine, and working! Wow.

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    Hi. I'm in my first term of Nursing. I'm taking Fundamentals, the lab, and intro to professional nursing in which I'd like to drop to focus on fundamentals.

    I just took my first quiz for fundamentals and got a whooping 66%. Granted, I didn't read the 2nd half of the chapters assigned because I just didn't have time to read them.
    Week one (Aug 27th) consisted of 4 chapters, and week two (no school, labor day sept 3rd obviously still assigned) 3 chapters....and boy are they long. I had about less than 11 days to study them. I was quizzed on all on sept 10th.

    We need to read the material BEFORE being lectured on it, just to be quizzed on it. My prof's lectures are useless anyway and she doesn't release the powerpoints. She never finishes all the powerpoints and is extremely fast paced. I feel screwed. The midterm is 2 weeks away and there will be 13 chapters required to know.

    I've come to realize that this Potter & Perry (8th ed.) book elaborates on a bunch of non-sense in depth, mixed with the main Nursing concepts, principles, etc. required to know. It seems more like a reference text rather then a text for a course. My friend who is an RN already can't stress enough how important the P&P book is to pass fundamentals. The problem is that it's very, very time consuming, since it explains too much in depth. Heck, assessment is nearly 80 pages! Plus 2 other chapters I must read within 6 days. Sure I can manage to read them before my weekly quiz; that's reading it once, taking no notes, not repeating/memorizing important content.
    Not to mention the stuff for the other classes. And ATI stuff due, takes away my study time! The ATI isn't even coherent with the fundamentals lecture either. It also doesn't explain rationales....blah.

    My learning style is reading, highlighting, understanding, and repetition, note taking is okay, but I can't really differentiate between that and just reading the important stuff in the book. I know some of you will say...oh but writing it down will help you remember. It doesn't. I'm a pure reading, understanding, repetitive kind of person when it comes to studying.

    Anyway, the quiz was definitely a wake up call. Since the P&P chapters take SO long to read, I was finding myself skimming and skimming, doing the practice questions in the end. This isn't the way I study. But really, my study style can't adapt to this book considering how accelerated the term is (9 weeks) and the amount of [long] chapters assigned per week (it'll be 3-4 from now on, the first quiz was 7 because of labor was still overwhelming). There will be a quiz every week with an exception of the midterm and final days. So imagine reading 3-4 long chapters weekly plus familiarizing/studying more the chapters of the previous weeks, and having to worry about skills lab practices/tests, that other class, and ATI stuff? Ouch.

    So I bought these books:

    My plan is to study off these books and do the Evolve NCLEX questions. Completely eliminating the P&P. My gut is telling me that I won't pass just depending on the P&P book.

    Has anyone studied using alternative resources for fundamentals, completely eliminating the P&P book and passed?

    Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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    Quote from msvyann
    Hi I'm planning to go to this school. However, after reading all the review and retention, and grad % rate I am very scared and feel lost. I wanted to sign up for the Aug term however, with all the low rating and reviews it throw me off board. With the waiting list, lottery, and money getting into a Nursing program is so hard now. Can people that actually attend this school give me some advice? I really need some help. I'm planning to go to the campus near Disneyland.
    If you take all your prerequisites at a CC, you'll save yourself over $30,000 to $40,000. The North Hollywood campus has higher passing rates then the other campuses. Within the 80's is good IMO. St. Mary's college (which is a more known prestige private university) have a whooping 76% this passed year (162 takers). WCU N.H campus got 83% (228 takers) last year. Not bad.

    If you go the ADN route, you'll be at risk of getting denied and feel heartbroken (usually they choose 20-30 people out of 150+ applications) and wasting time; waiting lists up to two years. A lot of these programs use the TEAS admissions test, but others use the Hesi or Kaplan test. I had to take the TEAS twice and the Hesi to get around that part of the application. It's stupid, they should make you take the test IF you're in, not if you're not guaranteed into the program. I was so irritated. My time is valuable so I decided to go to WCU, also since they got accredited even though they have an issue with the AACRAO...

    At WCU you have to take the Hesi (with no sciences tested, but it's recommended you have a background on science because the pre-reqs if taken at WCU will be hard for you; it's at an accelerated pace). The Hesi was very easy.

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    They got accredited in Nov-Dec of 2011. They have a problem with the AACRAO though. That could prevent you from transferring over to CSU for example.

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    Yesterday I felt like crap, but today I feel better about it. Worst comes to worst...CSULA can go to h***. I'll take my N.P program elsewhere. Maybe even USC. I'll worry about it later.

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    Yeah no way. Online programs are sketchy in my opinion.

    So I've gotten in contact with the director of admissions and the executive director. So far so good. The E.D has a good point, might have been overlooked. The accreditation is only 4-5 months old.

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    Okay here's important info for anyone concerned over WCU's newly WASC accreditation. I called CSULA to see if I could transfer over with a BSN from WCU. They said NO. Why? They haven't reported it to the AACRAO. CSULA basically checked their directory (AACRAO book), and WCU is not there. Their website is AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Homepage

    One week before school starts and wow...I have a TOUGH decision to make this week. Move on or stay. I've contacted an adviser via email, but I have a feeling he or she will just tell me either a lie (to make me stay = $$$) or bad news. Sure, there might not be waiting lists or lotteries but in exchange of something else that MIGHT affect you in the long run. Not to mention the enormous amount of money one would spend, and still can't transfer to CSU? Geez.
    I want to continue my studies at CSULA and become a Nurse Practitioner. That is my goal. I'm growing sick and tired of trying to get in. I could've gone to Mt. Sac but chose WCU because of the advantage of receiving my B.S.N. and because they got "WASC accredited". If I receive bad news from WCU it's back to square 1 or heck, I'll just change majors. Good luck to everyone.

    Just got an email from the diector of admissions. He said he's surprised and thought it was already done.

    Not too professional if they overlooked that.

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    Nope. You can get the paper work started and in the end (before you start signing financial aid papers RIGHT in the end) you can decide to pull back. I did it last year when I found out they weren't WASC accredited. The first thing I did was have a counselor/adviser set me up, then came the transcripts/evaluation, then in the end, financial aid. So in short, not true. At least it's not for the NH campus.

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    Yep. They'll be pushy towards you when you go to a info session too. They made me "apply" once I walked in that door.

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    At the info session? No. You'll need to bring official transcripts. They'll have the person in charge of transfers go through it, and contact you within 2-3 days.

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    Pre-requisites I guess, and it got more expensive this year.

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    Are you sure? Most Chemistry classes are 4 credits including the lab. WCU's is 5 credits.

    Around 94,000.

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    I knocked off all pre-reqs except cultural pluralism, pathophysiology (such an unusual pre-req) and biochemistry (which is BS, excuse my language). I just bought the book and it's an integrated course of inorganic, organic, and biochem. I took a course EXACTLY like that in my CC, but since it's missing one unit...I didn't get my credit. Oh well.

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    My main concern is if Cal State L.A will accept the B.S.N degree and the credits so I can take the Master's program there. I want to be a Nurse Practitioner. I won't have a problem finding work at all.