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    Hi everyone, I just took the HESI a2 today and wanted to put my 2 cents in on my experience. I found that all these forums were so helpful on what to study and made my stress levels go down a bit, so here's my input. I was tested on math, reading, vocab, and critical thinking, and grammar
    I spent most of my time studying math. I memorized tons of conversions. I only had a handful (out of 55 questions) of conversions. I think I had kilo to ml twice, once in a word problem. I also had lbs to kg a couple of times. You will need to know how to add, subtract and multiply, and divide fractions, like in the study guide. I got a lot of those. I also got a lot of proportions... 2:5 :: x:10. solve for X. Know how to do that, I had about 5 or more of those. I didnt have any roman numerals and one miliary time, and couple converting decimal to fractions. Everything else was basic addition and stuff. Pretty easy. I got a 92%
    Reading comprehension was the easiest for me. I didnt study at at, maybe a quick glance at the study guide. 96%

    Vocab was the hardest for me! I found it hard to study since none of the words in the study guide were on the test. I had words (from off the top of my head) Fontanel (which I now know is the baby's soft spot), Effect vs affect, Than-comparison, efface, vertigo, allude, ubiquitous. Study the planes of the body (posterior, anterior etc..) Overall I got a 78% pretty ****** about that, but still passing.

    I didn't even know that I was being tested on critical thinking, so no studying! It was all on if you had this patient and this patient who need this care... blah blah... which patient should you help first kind of stuff. Not too bad.

    The grammar wasn't too hard. Just like the evolve reach book. Didn't spend any time studying and got a 89%

    If anyone wants to know anything else let me know! The test is much easier than anticipated so try not to stress!

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    I just did my interview, and I take the HESI a2 in 2 days! The interview is exactly what jjhc2006 said, the director did all of the talking, just made sure you are serious about the program so you aren't wasting his time or yours. I have taken everyone's advice on all the forums... studying conversions, fractions, percents, ratios, roman numerals and so on. I haven't spent too much time on reading and vocab since I usually test well on those subjects. I plan on reviewing some medical terminology along with everything in the study guide. I am really nervous because I feel like this silly test determines my career. Wish me luck!!

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    Alright, I am very excited because I just received a phone call informing me that I have been selected to further the application process with an interview. I am just wondering how many students they chose to interview? Do they only select 48 students to interview? Or do they select more students than 48 and narrow down again? I just wanted to know if I am still competing for a spot or being selected for the interview means I have a place in the program (if I meet the test score minimum)
    Thanks, just being paranoid!!

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    Thanks for your post....very helpful! I recently started considering DSN and don;t know too much about it. So they are ACCSC accredited and on candidate status for NLNAC accreditation? Does this only affect you when you want to further your education on to your master's?