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    It varies every semester, and when the clinical site allows us to do clinicals. This semester clinicals for one semester were done Wednesday & Thursday.

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    You will first have to find out what classes transfer and what is left for you to take as far as time, the nursing classes are scheduled specifically each semester. Clinicals are usually done at Jacobi, Bronx Leb., St. Barnabas, V.A. Hospital, Open Door, Montefiore

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    Both nursing programs are full-time day programs only. The classes are held Monday through Friday from 9-5

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    Monroe College is a great school! You may enter directly into the nursing program without being on a waiting list like most colleges. The only prerequisites are algebra, biology, & chemistry and those are mostly completed in high school, if not then you will have to take them- Monroe does offer them. I think Monroe has an excellent nursing program, the classes are small and personalized, the professors really care about you and want you to succeed. Monroe also has a 98% pass rate on the boards (which is unheard of at most colleges)!! The admissions office holds nursing information sessions every Tuesday at 10:00am & 6:00pm, i highly recommend attending one.

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    Sorry for the confusion- I enrolled in the LPN program (recieved my LPN license) then continued into the RN program. So yes, i did attend the LPN program and am currently in the RN program with one semester left.

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    No problem, glad to help.

    1. Yes i had to take that.. it is the TEAS version 5- the college is looking for students that score proficient. You should go to for information on the test.
    2.Yes, there are several students that had other degrees then decided they wanted to do nursing. It is not silly at all, sometimes you don't realize what you are really passionate about until you have experienced other fields.
    3. I was in the LPN program, but i can try to ask another student.

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    Hi , I am currently in my 2nd semester for the RN course. I absolutly love the program- the class sizes are small (abount. 20) so you recieve personal attention from the professsors and they all really care about your performance and success. I really enjoy the nursing program.

    Answers to your questions:
    1. If you are talking about the math placement prep class- i HIGHLY reccomend it! You only have 1 opportunity to take the placement test and it really helped me out and refreshed all of my math skills.
    2. I entered the nursing program as a LPN and i am currently in my 2nd semester RN. I love it- you get personalized, hands on attention from the professors and they genuinely care about your success/performance.
    3. i know the college only accepts 40 students each year, and i beleive at least 95% of them graduate. I do know that currently they have a 98% pass rate for the boards!!
    4. Most of the students continue into the RN program
    5. I absolutly love the professors- like i said they really want you to succeed. If a professor feels like you aren't doing well in a class/ need help then they will spend extra time with you and help you. The professors really care about you, unlike in most colleges where your just a number in the program.