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    Just prove her wrong! That is all what needs to happen! Believe in yourself and best of luck!!!!

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    When I interviewed for a manager position I asked, "What is the biggest challenge you face in doing your job and how would I be able to help if I'm in this position?" I asked this to about 7 people they all said pretty much the same thing.....staffing and consistency with applying "rules".....

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    Private party: I would not be offended, but would differently not wear it myself, out of respect for all the work I so everyday to increase the level of professionalism in the field. I'm more concerned with the "sexy uniforms"
    I see on the wards".... just saying. let the flames begin

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    prettynurseL, How did the interview go?

    IntNSA announced a LPN workshop at the annual conference in Oct, location Washington DC... just saw it on the web site. 2013Conference

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    I am interviewing for a RN job and have little non-published information about this organization? I would like to hear some staff recommendations orother information.

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    There is a new study guide for sale on the IntNSA web site, as well as a new test matrix. Be sure to include these in your study planning. I took the CARN-AP, true to all advance practice test it was very process oriented. The CARN is nursing care/treatment planning, safety and addiction as a disease.
    Best of luck.
    PS There is a review course every year at the IntNSA conference and IntNSA chapters often hold them across the country.

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    Need a little clarification: Are you looking for a UR audit tool or a Quality Record Review audit tool?

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    I've interviewed for several jobs in the past year. They all wanted this &/or Six Sigma.... so it must mean something to someone. I would be great to hear from someone who has CPHQ. Anyone out there?

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    I usually have something related to Safety &/or Orientation if identified as a need.
    Something like... Goal: free from self injury/harm- will id (or verbalize) triggers to self harm ....will seek safety zone when impulse to harm is noted
    Goal-zero forced meds: demonstrate compliance with medications

    Once you identify the needs or problems the patient can help you identify what they are willing to work on (if pt not actively psychotic)

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    Wow! New Study guide is available!!!!!! Check out IntNSA website store... electronic and hardcopy available.

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    This the only statement from this states parctice act...

    "Implementing the treatment and pharmaceutical regimen prescribed by
    any person authorized by State law to prescribe the regimen."

    I'm seeking information as to when a nurse (RN &/or LPN) might change this "prescribed regimen" without consulting the person ordering it....
    So for all I have is what are the facilities policy.. looks like we need to write some ??????
    Thanks for everyones input.

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    Steriod suppository
    , nurse gave steriod enema as replacement as it was available.

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    no not homework, not anymore. I'm waiting to hear from my practice board. just taking the temp on here. I am the Clinical Improvement specialist/Educator for my facility Great minds think a like!

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    Quote from classicdame
    what do you mean by "form"?

    If you mean route, then yes, you need an MD order to change the route

    If you mean paperwork, then no, as long as the route is the same
    If MAR says tablet can I change to liquid or a powder?
    If it gum can I change it to lozenger?

    If it says suppository can I change it to solution and give as an enema???

    Those type of changes? Not the route ....