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    Congrats for your success! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I'm in the process of applying to the RN-BSN program at WGU, and was wondering how the competency-based learning would affect pursuing advanced degrees.

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    I agree it differs from person to person. Some swear by Danskos but they're tight on my right instep, so I can't wear them. I have 2 pair of athletic shoes I alternate from day to day. Don't forget the availability of inserts. They've made a huge difference for me and extended the life of my shoes. And I NEVER forget my compression socks! I loaned a pair to a coworker who had never worn them before, and she ended up buying several pair for herself because of the difference they made for her legs.

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    I loved this app and recommend it to anybody who asks. I used it my final year of nursing school in preparation for NCLEX. I thought it was extremely convenient for practicing questions "on the go" when I only had a couple minutes here and there. The tech help was also wonderful. They answered emails and solved my issues very quickly.

    Although NCLEX Mastery was not my only resource for NCLEX preparation, it was one of my main resources, and I passed NCLEX my first try in 75 questions.

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    I wore Nurse Mates Dove shoes all through nursing school, and they served me well. I had a friend that found a pair of no-name all white leather tennis shoes and she was successful with those. In the end, it'll depend on what you're willing to spend and what you find most comfortable.

    I suggest you wear a pair of compression socks, no matter which shoes you choose to go with.

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    I'm a new OR nurse -- still training, in fact. I have a pair of Alegrias and I'm planning to buy athletic shoes to rotate with them. Do I go for running shoes? Walking? Cross trainers? Which do you prefer and why?

    Thanks in advance for your help and opinions!

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    I went through the same thing and was able to get one at my local IRS office. I did have to wait for a while (as in hours) because the place was busy, but I walked out with a transcript on the same day I went in.

    As for whether you need anything else or not, only your financial aid office can tell you for sure.

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    Quote from GAMomOfBoys
    Did you get a residency with an ADN? I'm looking at 2 different schools. One is an ADN program and the other a BSN. Any advice would be great!
    Thank you!
    I did. I'm currently in a new grad residency with an ADN. I know ADN-prepared nurses at Eastside Medical Center, Gwinnett Medical Center, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Northside Atlanta, Northside Fulton, and North Fulton all in new grad residencies.

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    I graduated my program this past May and am preparing to go to orientation for my first job as a nurse (GO ME!). I recently had lunch with a lovely woman who is about to start the program I just graduated, and as I shared tips and advice with her, she shared something that she had been told that got me thinking.

    I have always advised incoming nursing students to take the summer before they start their program to take it easy, spend time with their families, and enjoy life a little. It was the advice I received and I pass it along because it worked for me. Once the program starts, most students are overwhelmed with the tons of reading, the whole new way of thinking, and the general stress that comes with being a new nursing student.

    Apparently students from the class behind mine told the incoming new students that the advice I (and others like me) gave is WRONG, and they should be taking the summer to get a jump on the reading because there is so much reading to do. In fact, I just read a blog post written by a student who withdrew and is restarting her program saying the "take it easy" advice is the WORST she had ever received.

    Despite the feedback I had just received about advice I had previously given, I stand by that advice, and here's why. You can certainly find somebody from the class before you, obtain the syllabus and reading schedule, and spend your entire summer reading. I've heard talk of a new student doing exactly that -- before this person has even started their program the student has already completed the entire semester's reading. Do I recommend that? No, but if that's what works for you, have at it!

    Here's the thing. The advice I give is based on my own experience. It is based on what I found works best for me. I know that if I had tried to do the reading before the semester even started, I would have retained very little of it. I would have felt as though I were flying blind without PowerPoints or lectures to indicate where I needed to focus. The end result would have been I would have felt overwhelmed before I had even started, I would have burned out much, much sooner, and my stress levels would have increased exponentially.

    But that's me.

    I acknowledge that not everybody is like me. Some people might need to do their reading three months early. Some might need to read every single word of the text multiple times in order to feel comfortable. That is why whenever I give advice I always include a caveat:

    No matter what anybody tells you, do what works best for you.

    Figure out your best study style. What works like a charm for one person may not make a hill of beans bit of difference for the next. Take advice and/or tips into account, try different things, discard what doesn't help, and do what works best for you. You're an adult. This is your education. Find your process and go with it.

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    Knowing which area in Atlanta you plan to relocate to would be helpful, since Atlanta and its suburbs encompass a pretty big area and the traffic jams make it seem even bigger. I believe Northside staggers their residencies, so you might want to watch their job listings. Eastside Medical Center in Snellville has two residencies per year -- one that starts in August and the other around March (I think), so if you're looking in that area you may want to watch their site as well. Since I graduated with my ADN in the spring, I'm pretty well-versed with the residencies that begin in summer, but not so much with the winter residencies. My best advice would be to contact the recruiters of the hospitals you're interested in and ask. While some hospitals do prefer BSN-prepared nurses, there are some who still hire ADNs. I have classmates going into residencies in a number of different Atlanta-area hospitals.

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    Check the requirements of the hospitals around you. In Atlanta, you have hospitals that require BSN degrees and you have hospitals that hire ADN-prepared nurses. It's all going to depend on which hospital you're hoping to get into.

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    Quote from Jensmom7
    Actually, they did put that in, but not because of any diva-ness. The band just wanted to make sure that the rider was actually being read all the way through.
    The full rider can be viewed at I read the rider -- while I get the making sure, I do kind of believe there was some diva-ness involved because ... Van Halen. In 1982.

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    I always get so jealous of all these nurses that have practiced in a specific field for eons and become experts within them... I just started, and I know it's something that takes time but damn I'm impatient -___-

    i wish i didn't like everything I rotated through (except psych 😂). How long did it take all of you to find your niche in nursing? Hoping to find mine soon 😁
    I know what you mean! I kept waiting all through nursing school for that A-ha! moment, the one that told me THIS was the nursing specialty I was meant for. I admit to being slightly envious of my classmates who knew exactly what area of nursing they wanted to go into. When it came to finding a job, I decided to go for the area I was fascinated by during my observations. I'm crossing my fingers that will be my niche. Wish me luck -- I start next week. I'm certainly going to give it my all.

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    Congrats! It's wonderful to hear a happy story for a change. :-)

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    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    Wasn't there some 'rumor' that gave green and red M&M's a sexual connotation? Like one of them meant you were oversexed or something? I do remember a co-worker at the agency office had a pretty good sized glass jar on her desk with all one color M&M in it (don't remember which) and how everyone who saw it gave a surprised and 'in-the-know' sort of laugh.....
    It was the green, and there was also a rumor that it was in (yes, I'm dating myself here) Van Halen's performance rider that they have only green M&Ms in the dressing rooms. That one might not be a rumor -- I seem to remember seeing that rider page at some point. Maybe at the Smoking Gun?

    ETA: Found the rider page. It wasn't they have just green M&Ms. They were to have NO brown M&Ms. My bad.

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    Quote from klone
    Yes, I remember the tan M&Ms. They were my favorite. I'm sad they're gone. And I also remember the rumor that the red M&Ms cause cancer.
    It was something about the red dye. I also remember when the red M&M's returned. It was a pretty big deal.