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    It was a felony under federal law, not state law, and federal felonies can not be expunged. I can asked for a presidential pardon I suppose, but I don't have thousands to contribute to ANYONE'S presidential campaign. Can anyone answer if the hard copy license says "restrictions" (like supervisory) on it, or do they only find out if they look it up on the boards records? If you're not looking for a supervisory postion, is it that bad to have that on your license... meaning will you be asked? Anyone have someone with this on their license that can speak from experience?

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    I was upfront with the board, who told me (after waiting a GRULING month to get the results of their decision) that I could sit for the license but it will be resticted. I did send them the entire case file with a personal letter, so not hiding it from the board. I just don't remember if/how the question was asked on the employment application. I though it was a misdemeanor, so I would not have anwered yes to a felony. I've been with the hospital for 4 years now as a Nursing Assistant, and I just don't know what it will say on the physical license ( just restricted or does it have details) I could submit all the documents I sent to the board with my letter to my new employer/HR Department to show that this is what I sent the Board so they feel I was upfront with them, just unsure about what my status was when filling out the application. I was single when I made the mistake, now I'm married, 3 kids, family man with a much more mature attitude on life and responsibilities. I appreciate all feedback and points of view.

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    Just graduated, career changer, top in my class, taking boards end of month. 15 years ago pleaded guilty to mail fraud (Felony) even though I had no idea at the time what I was doing was illegal, plead guilty to get it over with so name wouldn't get in paper, made retribution, no time served but was on probabation. Decided to get into nursing and saw the rules about felonies, but thought that since it was so long ago and that it wasn't drug related, violent, etc.. it wouldn't be a problem. Have been granted permission to take test, but will have a license with restrictions that I can't be in position of authority. Can someone please tell me what shows up on the actual hard copy license, does it give details on license, what will the employer see, etc. Am nursing assistant now, but left unchecked if I was ever guilty of committing felony on original application (didn't say yes or no). I actually thought it was a misdemeanor until I reviewed my paper work after graduation. Any advice, can I get this restriction taken off eventually (especially since this happened over 15 years ago, young and stupid), if so, has anybody a clue as to how to go about this. Thanks so much for those that respond.