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    Quote from IL Nurse4now
    I have about 5 years yet to worry about CRNA school, but is it hard to relocate so far away? I live in Illinois now and am getting my Bachelors here as well, but for my CRNA degree I would like to go somewhere warm, such as Florida? Do most people adjust well? Any advice would help.
    Hi ILNurse4now...
    I relocated to Birmingham from Lexington,Ky, which is about 6.5 hours away. I too wanted to settle in the south, so I did a lot of apartment surfing on the internet before I came down here to rent. Since I owned a home in Lexington, it was difficult to downsize to an apartment, and I spent $3000 in relocation expenses, which covered three moving trucks and gas only. I moved here 3 months early in order to familiarize myself with the new city, and I obtained a job part time/prn at UAB hospital in order to make some friends. I did it with the help of one other person, but it has been worth it. I did, however, put 3000 miles on my car in a month with the transient homesickness. Suggestions if you relocate as an out of state student: get your driver's license and auto plates and voter registration as soon as you move if you plan to apply for instate residency status as soon as you have been here a year. Plan to have some money saved before the move and for the transition, as graduate out of state tuition is astronomical (mine is $11,200 just for the fall, and though student loans will cover all the tuition there is little left over to live on, except what I came here with and what I can make this summer). Also, pay off all outstanding debt, as this will improve your credit score.
    Just a few pearls from a newbie,

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    Quote from sproutsfriend
    They've lost three doctoral level professors in the last 4 years. Two of them are now at Samford University down the road. No doctorate level professors are currently on staff there.
    why do you think they left uab?

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    just curious, what do you see as the differences? I am entering uab this fall.

    Quote from SproutRN
    If you are interested in attending school in Alabama, I suggest you look into the new program at Samford University in Birmingham. I am in the first class of the program and have friends attending the UAB program. I am in a class of 18 students and UAB's class this year is 62. I, personally, and enjoying the smaller class atmosphere. After talking to friends who are at UAB, I am glad I am at Samford. For info on Samford, go to and look under the nursing dept.


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    Quote from versatile_kat
    Hello future SRNA's ... I've been reading some of the "nervous" posts and was hoping everyone would say where they'll be this fall. Hopefully we can keep in touch throughout the next 2.5 years, and offer support when needed!

    I'll be at UNC Charlotte, and will be moving there in about 2 months! Who's next? ...
    Glad to join the group of future crna's! Starting at uab in august after 7 years icu experience in kentucky...and yes i am nervous....curious as to how others are financing tuition..i have maxed out private and federal loans, adn still do not have enough to live on...HELP!