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  • Dec 20 '12

    Focus on school! Get the best grades possible and don't get all wrapped up in boys and your social life. Later on, when you have your degree you can have time for all that.

    Good luck!

  • Dec 20 '12

    Quote from Anoetos
    And yet...

    ...if you say you're in it for the money and the security, you get piled on.
    So everyone lies and says they love, love, love it?

  • Oct 13 '12

    Quote from ericalynn
    also as a dental hygenist you have to look in people's nasty mouths and smell their nasty breath. I would rather do just about ANYTHING other than that! Those hygenists deserve every penny they make
    Yeah and we nurse just have to look at the other end, and deal with the nasty smells coming out of there! :spin:

  • Sep 16 '12

    I know how you feel.

    It's tough, and you are only 9 weeks into it. I will tell you that I have found that adjusting to a new position really takes about 6 months. It will get better.

    Look at it this way: once you get that magical 12 mos. med-surg experience, all sorts of things will open up to you. But if you leave, it MAY be a little harder. And you are already more than two months into it! I encourage you to hang in there another 7 months. Then, if you still feel the same way, begin applying to other positions.

    Consider spending the next few months really looking into what area of nursing you think would suit you, as far as interests, hours, pay, etc. Don't jump ship til you've got another plan (and job!).

    Your emotional lability is NORMAL. Just ride the wave. Starting any new job is stressful. You will find your path. Give it some time, thought, and be pro-active.

    If you are absolutley miserable after 6 months, start looking for another position. (only four months to go! And it will be easier every day, b/c you'll just get more proficient/comfortable. You've ALREADY done the hardest part, trust me.)

    Good luck, and ((((HUGS)))). I'm orienting right now, too. This was as much a pep talk to myself as it was to you!

  • Sep 3 '12

    As ebear said, I don't hate nursing...I hate all the annoying trivia and inane protocol I have to put up with in order to nurse. I get great satisfaction from assisting people with their health and I do so enjoy the thrill of intensive nursing. But, under staffing, over time, inadequate benefits, low salaries, etc. have taken most of the thrill away.

  • Jul 23 '12

    I think you sound defensive. This is a forum for nurses to express themselves. If you don't like certain topics/posts, you don't have to read them (you can tell by the topic roughly what will be in the posts). If these nurses frustrate you, take it with a grain of salt. Some people have thick skins and some are sensitive.

  • Jul 23 '12

    On the other hand, just because you're having a bad day, the dog barfed on the carpet, your kids are driving you nuts, your husband is a creep, whatever, it doesn't give a person the right to dump their garbage on everyone else by being rude. Just cause you step in the cowpie doesn't mean you can't wipe your boots off. Everyone has problems, it's a guaranteed fact of life. But it doesn't solve anything to bring your problems to work with you and grouse at your co-workers. Chances are, their problems are as bad or worse than yours. Find a friend to confide in, get a counselor, just learn to leave the attitude at the door.

  • Jun 7 '12

    Congrats, j5676c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

  • Feb 14 '12

    Interesting enough, maybe these people are terribly sincere and wish to better themselves. Do not be so quick to judge, when you have faults as well. My mother was terribly dyslexic, and she got her baccalaureate in dental hygiene all while taking care of me as a single parent, and graduated at the top of her class! Now she is a great dental hygienist. She's part of my inspiration to graduate from college.

    People who get DUIs made a mistake. Some learn from their mistake and change.

    Some people are dumb, but that doesn't mean they can't get smarter.

    So someone failed a lot. Righteous is the man or woman who falls 7 times and gets back up again.

  • Feb 14 '12

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This thread cracks me up!!!!!

    Hey here another knee slapper fer ya....

    When is the public, management, hospital CEO, doctors, patients, patients families, patients neighbors second cousins, etc. etc. etc. going to see me as a PROFESSIONAL?

    I have been "in the trenches" since 1908! I have walked a mile in my own shoes! I use words such as ostentatiously, loquacious and pedantic...not because anyone actually uses those words on a regular basis in daily conversation..but because it makes me look SMART! And I AM know why?...because I'm a nurse, silly!! Didn't you know that after 20+ years of nursing you know everything about EVERYTHING??? Well ya do! So why doesn't anyone see me as a PROFESSIONAL??

    Sure I spend my free time on public, online forums making fun of the newbie nurses. My wisecracks about the pretty, young girls in designer scrubs are priceless! And I'll tell ya, you just have not lived until you belittle someone for asking a "dumb" question!! Hey it's just all in good fun, it's just the way I "vent" after a long, hard day "in the trenches". So why am I not considered a PROFESSIONAL??

    Oh yeah, one more thing..."DDRREEAAAMMMMMM".....I'm not really sure why I added that in, but all my other older cohorts are using it in all of their posts so I figured I would too!! heehee!!

  • Feb 7 '12

    I was working night shift when I lost 120 pounds.

  • Feb 6 '12

    This part just about made me shoot through the roof:

    To me, it's inexcusable for a registered nurse not to pay back their loans," said Dr. Lynn Parsons, director of MTSU's department, where 300 undergraduates and 100 graduate students are earning nursing degrees-and racking up student loan debt."People should be responsible and pay their bills," Parsons said. "The bottom line is, they can get a job in nursing right now. It might not be the shift they want or the job they want, but if they want to work, they can work. (Not repaying a loan), to me, that's like stealing."

    Parsons needs to get out of lala land and come back here to earth. Nursing jobs are NOT easy to come by, and it is NOT easy to get a job.
    Not repaying a loan when you don't have a job, or you are the sole provider to put food on your table is not stealing- it's called you really don't have the money to pay.


  • Jan 28 '12

    it's not that big of a deal. this is a casual message board. i'm sure people on here arent typing up their resumes the same way they talk on this board. i understand what you mean when the sentences are just terribly written and hard to understand. but talking about a simple apostrophe? capitalizing the letter "i"?? that's a bit overboard.

    and as you can see, i violated these rules. but i'm sure you all can still understand what i'm saying.

    please feel free to report me.

  • Jan 28 '12

    Your response only shows that you are aged but not mature. Thanks for UR correction but I purposely wrote incorrectly. Now do me a favor and go edit the rest of my posts. If you feel UR job is to go after each word a person posts, perhaps you should get a job on that kind of site and leave nursing to people who TRULY care about other people

  • Jan 28 '12

    It is quite alright if you disagree with me. Yes, the younger generation is more apt to write in text style, but that does not make them the only group who does it. You said you've noticed this much more amongst the young... I don't think that qualifies as ALL of the young... Furthermore, when a portion of those who are supposed to be part of the educated demographic lashes out on another part of the educated demographic, that TOO lowers the common denominator of us all. My point is: If a complaint is to be made about some action that is being performed by people on this site, please do it generally. Unless you go through everyone's profile and look up their age, it is wrong for the complaint to be made only of young nurses. That's my point. Disagree if you must