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    Has anyone worked full time and attended nursing school? I work M-F 7-4 currently at a hospital in the DFW area. I have completed all of my prereqs and am hoping for 2011 admission into the school of nursing. I am not in a position where I can quit or go part time in my position. What is the possibility that I can get clinicals in the evening or weekend hours? I understand that there will be lots of reading, homework, etc. I am concerned at this point about the clinical hours. Thanks.

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    Has anybody started clinicals in the UTA program? I am a student through the academic partnership program. I work full time Mon-Fri 8-5 at a local hospital and will be applying for Fall 2011 admission. For those that have already started clinicals, what times and days were they? In an ideal world, I would love to have clinicals on the weekends or nights. I really cannot afford to quit my full time job and don't want to end up stopping the program. Thanks so much for any advice or encouragement.