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    tell me if im wrong, please. first I am a new RN and at first job for 6 months. I work on a skilled/rehab floor of a LTC. we use chair alarms as bed alarms. Big problem when a person is alert and oriented and feels they can get up on thier own without falling. so my patient removed his alarm, clamped and disasemlbed his wound vac tubing, went to the bathroom and fell getting back into bed. no injuries luckily but an incident none the less. so my DON and andministator adimantly told me not to document that he removed his alarm. DON actually said "you don't want to kill the facillity". The administator mentioned something about if I should be pulled into court... Well my thinking is if I should be pulled into court I want it documented that I had his alarm on and he was noncompliant. the DON said I could chart that I replaced the alarm. What?? to me that does nothing to show I had it it on to begin with. Incidently next night the same patient removed alarm and ripped his wound vac dressing so he could get up to turn his light down. I should add that interventions were put into place, different alarm ordered and i did 15 min. checks. still he got up many times thoughout that second night. I asked 4 different nurses who all said document that he took off his alarm, which I did. sorry so long, my question is am I right to document what happened? am I missing a way of wording it that won't "kill the facility" Honestly I feel like the truth is that they couldn't care less about me and my liablility they are just worried about themselves.

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    im a new nurse, graduated may 2011. been working for 6 months. The resume i was using had my clinicals listed with a little detail to show "some" experience. my question is now that i have worked as a nurse for 6 months, do i take those clinicals off my resume? thanks for any advise.