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    3.54 undergrad, 4.0 nursing pre reqs (a&p,bio,chem, etc.) and one class outstanding. I got accepted 3 months after applying, which makes me think I was waitlisted (I applied on the deadline day). I know other people were accepted with lower gpa's and several pre req courses still outstanding.

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    Stony brook is a great school. I'm from long island grew up in Medford and did my bachelors there. They are highly recommended for science majors. Lol yeah change of scenery from upstate would be nice. I am 25 now but they don't look at your work experience. There are people in my class that range from like 19 to in their 30's from what I can tell. Your grades are great I wouldn't be too worried. I only applied to Barry u as well and got accepted but I would have to wait because they wanted more pre reqs and also more money for a longer program so I chose To stick w UM since it was my first choice anyway!

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    Quote from klinden1
    hey all congrats to whoever got in. I want to apply for next year.. i'm really nervous tho. what do u think my chances are of getting in. I'm 21 years old, from new york.. I will have just received my BA in psychology with an overall 3.7 gpa wen i apply. Will have all but 1 pre-req done before i apply in which I will have all A's and high B's.. like 70 hrs of volunteer experience in an ICU in a hospital. other than that, no healthcare experience. As a psych major I had 2 research positions in labs, i dont know if that will help. What do you think my chances are of getting in?? for all you guys who got in , do you mind sharing your stats / experiene with me? thanks!
    hi klinden,

    you have really good stats so i wouldnt be too worried. you should apply to the SUNY schools as well if you were considering staying in new york. my stats were: B.S. in Business Mgmt with an overall 3.52 GPA...My pre-req GPA (minus Psych) is a 4.0, but I was missing 1 pre-req class, which i am taking now. my acceptance letter says my acceptance is pending i complete my prereq class with a C or higher. i have spoken to others who were missing several pre-reqs and still were accepted. i have NO healthcare experience at all and the only volunteer experience i have was being a foster parent for the humane society...they really dont look into all of that much specifically as entry requirements, although the common application (the one you fill out for entry into the program) will ask you to write an essay and put info about volunteer work. also, make sure you get a good letter of recommendation in for yourself. some people say the app process is looking for well rounded individuals while others say its all numbers. i dont have an opinion on that yet. one thing i will say is APPLY EARLY!!!! there was conflicting website information up when i was applying. i thought i was applying for early decision for May but i was actually applying ON the deadline date..while other people waited 4-5 weeks for an acceptance letter i waited 3 months (assuming i was on a wait list of some sort)..hope this helps..good luck

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    thanks for the info...unfortunately because this is a 2nd bachelors degree my financial aid eligibility is very limited, only covers about half the program. i applied for a private student loan (took a total of 15 minutes online) and was approved instantly by two different companies (wells fargo for medcap and citibank citiassist). that is basically how most people end up paying for it if they dont receive scholarships...

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    Quote from espress099
    i applied in sept. and STILL haven't heard, i'm guess its because i have 4 pre-req's pending (that im doing right now). I went to UM for my bachelors (graduated 2005) and lemme tell ya, in the application process it's ALL about numbers and NOTHING about you as a well rounded person, they're too big of a university to care about the individual (I love them anyway)

    Stony brook was like that as well and that's where I went for my bachelors. I am still missing one pre req and it says on my letters my acceptance is pending I pass that with a c or higher so idk if that's it. Can I ask how you paid for um for your bachelors and what's your plan for this program??

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    hi everybody. just coming back in to let you guys know i got my acceptance to UM on march 10th. ecstatic!!! im in the fb group and on fb so add me if youd like now to figure out how the h*&( im going to pay for this...

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    robin and lovelogic,

    when did you guys send in your applications

    nycgal, which program are you applying into, may 2011 or jan 2012? there is another thread on this site regarding the fact that there are two conflicting websites with 2 conflicting deadlines. i believe in december they changed the august 2011 start date to jan 2012 and also changed the application deadlines. i applied dec 1st for early decision and because one of my college transcripts from a class i took in hs wasnt in on the 1st, i wasnt considered for early decision and still have yet to receive a reply.

    kyle123, again you probably saw the old website with the march 1st deadline..from reading these posts looks like typical turn around time was about 4-6 weeks for early decision...they send out decision letters on a weekly basis, but my admissions advisor said i would receive a decision by april 15th and i applied dec 1st my B.S. degree GPA was 3.52, my pre req gpa is a 4.0 (i am taking chemistry right now and also have a 4.0 in that class)

    am going crazy waiting...but will let you guys know how long it takes before i get my letter. im at 3 months of waiting now

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    i have been reading through the postings for the other two UM posts (one of which I started myself), but i am curious to hear from those who haven't received a response yet. if you have applied to the ABSN program for May 2011 or Jan 2012, please post here as to when you sent in your application and if you have received a decision yet.

    i am trying to get an idea how much time elapses between submission of the application and a decision, both before and AFTER the early decision deadline. i applied on Dec 1st, but all of my transcripts did not make it there until dec 3rd, and it is now march 3rd, and i have not received a decision. everytime i contact the school i am given a run around and a new date as to when i will hear by. first i was told mid january, then i was told by march 2011, now i am being told april 15th. does this mean i am on a waiting list or likely being denied? i have a 4.0 in my pre-reqs, a 3.55 overall gpa for my 1st bachelors and a great letter of recommendation, so i am so lost as to why it is taking so long for me to find out...anyone else having this experience or anything similar? please share...

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    Lmaria what is your name on fb? I'd like to talk to you more..still haven't got word but I will know in a week or so I'm thinking. Lmk

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    bumping this up...again anybody who is accepted lmk when you sent in your application and all your other stuff. thanks

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    you cannot sit for the nclex examination until you complete the program..nclex is the exam for your state licensing to practice.....

    iridium, on fb there is a group for the may 2010 accepted students you can request to join, they still all talk and post about their experiences so its a good place to go. group name is something like university of miami Accelerated BSN May 2010 cohort

    also, for you guys that have been accepted. congrats!!! if you dont mind me asking when did you guys send in your applications?

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    I really wouldnt suggest keiser for pre-reqs. I work for a similar private school and know many things about for profit schools. You will pay a ton more to take your pre reqs there which most likely won't transfer anywhere except maybe to another keiser in the future. Also, there program is only an associates. You will end up taking thousands upon thousands in loans out going there, when you can go to Mdc take your pre reqs and apply to like FIU Barry university, UM, etc. Even if you do choose keiser u will still save money taking pre reqs at Mdc... Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    Quote from Seattle2Miami
    Hiiiiiii everyone!

    I'm so thrilled to find you all on this forum! I was accepted for the May program in December, I'm super excited

    I'm from Seattle and not moving to Miami until May 2nd. I'm wondering if there are any other students that need to find housing close to campus and would want to be roommates?? I know myUM has housing options but people don't seem to post rooms until the last minute. I'm also looking on Craigslist but because I'm from out of town I think I would prefer to share housing with some students in the program. If anyone is interested, let me know! Maybe we can start a new thread if a lot of people are interested..

    Anyway, I'll be visiting for a week in March for the Scholarship interview and to secure housing arrangements.

    It's nice to see you all communicating online, that's marvelous. Best of luck to those of you still waiting to for your acceptance letters!

    Congratulations Brittany!!! hope you dont mind if i pick your brain a little...When did u submit your application? Also, when did they tell you the program starts?

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    Quote from espress099
    I've taken this to mean that I'm waitlisted because when I applied in September I was told they would let me know in December and this has been true for many other applicants (prolly cuz i have 4 outstanding vital pre-reqs and not a great undergrad GPA, though I do have work experience I'm pretty sure they only care about numbers and nothing else (this was how it was for regular undergrad admission back when i applied in 2002- they only look at numbers))

    i'm sure they look at many factors. i have a great gpa and still havent even had my app reviewed so idk... the only pre-req i messed up in was psych. got a c. thats the first, and only c ive ever had in ANY schooling, from kindergarden to the 6 years ive been taking classes! keep us updated please.

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    i tried calling the school before work but the SON wasnt open yet :-/ i emailed my academic advisor saying my mail sometimes get lost, and asked if they started sending out decision letters for people who applied in december. the response was that they are sending letters this week to those with a 3.3 GPA or higher, those with a lower overall undergrad GPA have not been reviewed yet, considering i have a 3.52 gpa for my BS and a 4.0 on 27 credits worth of nursing pre-reqs, i questioned that, because myum stills say my application is being reviewed. i guess the person then checked into it and told me my app hasnt even been reviewed by the dean yet and that i will know by march 1st...i cannot wait that long for a going to have to look into alternatives. i literally have to change my entire life around to start school so i need to know sooner than later. i am seriously crossing my fingers HARD that this person reviews my app this week...if they are basing things off of grades and recommendations, it shouldnt have been this long to make a decision!. please k.i.t. and lmk if you hear anything.